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CardiaX cardiovascular genetics test functional medicine tulsaCardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of men and women in the US and in the world. Our Tulsa Functional Medicine clinic focuses on identifying the underlying cause for illness and disease as well as your individual risk for future problems.

When it comes to cardiovascular disease, CardiaX is incredibly important for understanding your risk for developing cardiovascular disease as well as hypertension.

Not only does it help us identify a potential problem, it also helps us understand how to optimally treat it.

Consider this case:

A 44 year old black male with a history of hypertension for 20 years. He is on 4 medications (amlodipine 5mg, ramipril 10mg, indapamide 1.25mg, and metoprolol 100mg) and his blood pressure is STILL 168/102 and he has some lower extremity edema.

His labs showed a high urine aldosterone and potassium. His plasma renin activity (PRA) was low at 0.42. His endothelial function test (Endopat) was low at 1.52. His CardiaX genetics showed that he was CYP4A11 homozygote abnormal.

He was started on Amiloride 10mg per day. This is an older medication that is just not used much anymore at all.

In 8 weeks he was only taking Amiloride 10mg and amlodipine 5mg per day. He had no edema and his endothelial function (Endopat) was 1.95 (near normal). Oh, and his blood pressure was 122/84!

This is a real case and underscores how understanding your genetics and treating them appropriately can dramatically alter the course of the disease process.