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83% of supplement labels lie.

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Why Do We Need Supplements?

“Millions of Americans take vitamins safely every day, including me. Vitamins and mineral supplements taken in recommended doses are safe. It’s the designer supplements that are worrisome.”

Dick Durbin DICK DURBIN, U.S. Senator
Pg. 32 “The Customized Supplementation Revolution”

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Traditional Supplements Don’t Solve Your Problems

“For every dollar we spend on prescription drugs, we spend a dollar to fix a complication. Understanding how nutritional supplements affect these drugs could make them safer and more effective.”

Dr. Oz Dr. oz, Surgeon and Televised Health Expert
Pg. 37 “The Customized Supplementation Revolution”

Customized Supplementation

So, how do you know what’s right for you?

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Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements Mean:

  • 100% Tested by 3rd Party Labs
  • Optimal Purity (no added chemicals)
  • Accurate Dosage
  • High Quality Standards
  • No Contamination ( e.g. Mercury, Lead, Allergens)
  • Manufactured in an FDA Certificed Pharmaceutical Facility
  • Tracked From Manufacturer to Consumer (ePedigree System)

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