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New To Revolution?


Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic has now merged with Transformation Health. This means that we have more ways to better serve you.

  1. Call our office to Schedule an appointment
    1. When you schedule the appointment we will create your Patient Portal account. This is a very important step. 
  2. Fill out the patient portal as completely as possible.
  3. If you are unable to access the portal then you will need to arrive 30 minutes early and we can help you fill out this information.
  4. If you have filled out your medical history on the patient portal arrive to your appointment at least 15 minutes early.

You must completely fill out your medical information prior to your first appointment.

Welcome to Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic! We are Tulsa’s premiere Holistic, Natural, and Comprehensive Functional Medical Clinic and we want to help you get as healthy as possible.

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