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Prolotherapy & PRP Testimonials

Prolotherapy for knee pain

Martha drives from Joplin to Tulsa (an hour and a half) for her knee prolotherapy. She has had excellent results and is very happy with how she is doing.

Prolotherapy for knee pain

Mike noticed 100% improvement in his knee pain after just 1 prolotherapy procedure!

Prolotherapy for shoulder pain

She was pain free after 1 round of prolotherapy on her shoulder!

Prolotherapy for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

The mother of one of our patients was kind enough to give a testimonial of her daughter’s experience with prolotherapy for her Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Her daughter has the hypermobile type and her pain was so severe that she could barely leave the house. We started performing her prolotherapy at our Tulsa clinic with her hips. She was so impressed with her results that she comes to see us nearly every month for treatments.

Prolotherapy has absolutely changed her life. She even went tubing on the lake this past summer, something she would never have been able to do in the past.

Low Back Pain Prolotherapy

Marvin has had excellent results with prolotherapy at our Tulsa clinic.

Shoulder Prolotherapy


Shoulder & Elbow Prolotherapy


Low Back Pain & Sciatica Prolotherapy

This patient had a long history of low back pain and sciatica affecting both legs. He didn’t get any relief from numerous interventions until he came to our Tulsa, Oklahoma clinic. After 3 rounds he noticed near resolution of his symptoms. These issues are common and we have had excellent results with prolotherapy regardless of MRI findings.

Knee Prolotherapy

This patient had “prolotherapy” performed by another physician. However, after 6 rounds she was only a little better. 2 rounds with comprehensive Hackett-Hemwall prolotherapy made all the difference!

 Knee Prolotherapy

Biceps tendonitis Prolotherapy

Foot & Toe Prolotherapy


Shoulder Pain (CrossFit athlete) Prolotherapy

Low Back Pain Prolotherapy

Low Back Pain with Sciatica/Radiculopathy treated with Prolotherapy

Shoulder Pain (SLAP Lesion) – Resolved by Prolotherapy

Knee Pain Prolotherapy

Knee Pain Prolotherapy

Low Back Pain Prolotherapy

Chronic Low Back Pain Prolotherapy

Knee Pain (after knee replacement) treated with Prolotherapy

Jan. 2013 went to a bone and joint surgeon in Tulsa. I was thrown from a horse 1 1/2 years earlier which injured my right leg. Hip progressively got worse to the point of using a cane most of the time. The Dr’s diagnosis was the joint was worn out and this was the only remedy. I was told ‘when I couldn’t stand it any more- then we would do the hip replacement.’

Then and now, I consider myself fairly active including horses and motorcycles and I did NOT want to do a replacement.

While on a plane trip to Costa Rica, I read a Newsweek article about prolotherapy. I figured any alternative option was worth a try, so I searched for a Dr in Tulsa that was familiar with this procedure. This is how I found Dr. Chad Edwards.

My 1st appointment was in March 2013. Dr Edwards felt the hip would respond better with a different procedure ‘Enthesopathy Hip Region ‘. The 1st 12 hours after the procedure, I wasn’t sure I had made a wise decision. Drs refer to it as ‘discomfort’. It was painful in layman terms. Within 24 hours the hip was merely a little sore and progressively improved for the 1st 10-12 days afterward. I believe at that point, the hip was as good as it was going to get. While not 100%, it was certainly 99%! I still don’t fully understand what or how- I explained it to friends and family as nothing short of a miracle. It hadn’t been ‘normal’ for years and now it was great. Once in a great while – usually if I pivoted quickly there may be a sharp twinge of pain but not often and not long lasting.

Back into the gym, horses, motorcycles- even snow skiing again. Dec. of 2014, I noticed the hip would get ‘sore’ in the evening if I had a particularly active day-usually weekends. Over the next few weeks I felt like I was getting less and less ‘mileage’ out of it and the soreness was getting earlier and earlier in the day. I requested the procedure again-almost 2 years to the day from the 1st time. At this point-I feel like it is another success story. My farm was hit by a tornado exactly 1 week to the day after the 2nd procedure. While the hip is still sore from the procedure-mainly just stiff If I sit a while- I have been putting in 16+ hours a day cleaning up the property, cutting trees, picking up debris and on and on. The hip is performing great and for the 2nd time–couldn’t be happier with the results.

If someone has led an active lifestyle and wants to continue, I would HIGHLY recommend this treatment. Pennies in comparison to a hip replacement and 12 hour recovery time—what more could one ask for.

– Mark Goodson

Medical Testimonials


Michael’s Testimony

Cindy’s Testimony

3/30/15 – Because of the tremendous success with my hip, I quickly became a fan of Dr. Edwards. I had been on a cholesterol drug for several years and like most people I talked to, the joint pain and general lousy feeling was the price you paid for lower cholesterol. Dr. Edwards suggested we try to get control of it with vitamins and supplements-(better eating habits certainly was suggested as well). I appreciated his attitude of ‘IF it doesn’t work, we can always go back to prescription drugs.’

It took a few months to balance things out but today–my blood work was far better than it has ever been. I feel better and the energy level is back. May sound a little vain but the best comparison I have is I’m much healthier and far more active than my friends. I still have some aches and pains but these are easy to deal with since I know they’re from injuries of living a very active lifestyle. At 62–I figure I’ve got another 20 years or so before I’ll need to start slowing down–a little.

Can’t THANK YOU enough—- Mark Goodson

Dr. Edwards, Mindy, and even your sweet office manager… you are all so kind and such a blessing! Thank you for doing everything you could to help me be comfortable, I was/am so sick and I felt just like I was at home being cared for by family. Even starting the last IV without a word, knowing you would be staying late by doing so. By the way, the IV with the vitamins and immune boosting therapy is amazing… I will definitely be telling folks about that little miracle ‘in a bag’! A Christmas blessing to you all… May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace! Numbers 6:24-26 Merry Christmas and God bless you!! – Stacey Madlock

It’s refreshing to have a doctor and staff that is driven to fix the problem instead of covering up the symptoms with medications. – Pam Smith

Dr Edwards really listens and cares about optimum health. Love his kindness, his wealth of knowledge, and his great sense of humor. His way of thinking about health is refreshing and is a revolution! – Ann Heppeard

Dr. Edwards takes the time to listen and explain. The new facility is warm and inviting, with a very positive energy. With what I’ve learned from Dr. Edwards, I feel empowered in my own health. – Debbie Graham

Dr. Chad Edwards and the Staff at Revolution Health & Wellness have a ministry of healing. My family and I are beyond blessed. Thank you all so very much! – Nolan Menefee

I was referred to Dr.Edwards because I wanted an alternative to surgery for my hip. Not only has prolotherapy helped my hip but several other points as well. And I’ve found someone who is my advocate in treating the root cause of health issues, NOT the symptoms! – Bob Stillman

I love how the staff at Revolution Health & Wellness genuinely care about me as a patient! Dr. Edwards doesn’t treat the symptoms he goes after the cause of those symptoms and makes sure I understand what’s going on. – Jerald Rasmussen

At Revolution Health & Wellness you are treated like family. They tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want, they always have your best interest at heart, and if you fall, they will pick you up and help you get back on track. – Cathy Garner

Dr. Edwards is not about throwing medicine at symptoms. He listens and gets to the root of the problem so you can have health like God designed us to have. He doesn’t give up on trying to find the answers! – Luana Alexander

Dr Edwards and his team are professional and optimistic towards maintaining healthy living. I have been so blessed by this team. It may seem the office visit is pricey, but I have had complete satisfaction in the quality of service provided for the cost. Dr Edwards is sure to spend adequate time reviewing lab work with me and answering every question in detail and in language I can understand. He recommends only what’s needed so there is no extra cost for unnecessary supplements. Dr Edwards has saved me thousands of dollars on the necessary lab work alone. As a single parent, I really appreciate and look forward to getting my money’s worth with honest healthcare. I am able to have the energy to live each day to the fullest because of the proactive focus on being physically and mentally balanced. A big THANK YOU for helping get my happy back! – Heather Seabolt

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