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Dr. Edwards, Mindy, and even your sweet office manager… you are all so kind and such a blessing! Thank you for doing everything you could to help me be comfortable, I was/am so sick and I felt just like I was at home being cared for by family. Even starting the last IV without a word, knowing you would be staying late by doing so. By the way, the IV with the vitamins and immune boosting therapy is amazing… I will definitely be telling folks about that little miracle ‘in a bag’! A Christmas blessing to you all… May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace! Numbers 6:24-26 Merry Christmas and God bless you!! – Stacey Madlock

It’s refreshing to have a doctor and staff that is driven to fix the problem instead of covering up the symptoms with medications. – Pam Smith

Dr Edwards really listens and cares about optimum health. Love his kindness, his wealth of knowledge, and his great sense of humor. His way of thinking about health is refreshing and is a revolution! – Ann Heppeard

Dr. Edwards takes the time to listen and explain. The new facility is warm and inviting, with a very positive energy. With what I’ve learned from Dr. Edwards, I feel empowered in my own health. – Debbie Graham

Dr. Chad Edwards and the Staff at Revolution Health & Wellness have a ministry of healing. My family and I are beyond blessed. Thank you all so very much! – Nolan Menefee

I was referred to Dr.Edwards because I wanted an alternative to surgery for my hip. Not only has prolotherapy helped my hip but several other points as well. And I’ve found someone who is my advocate in treating the root cause of health issues, NOT the symptoms! – Bob Stillman
I love how the staff at Revolution Health & Wellness genuinely care about me as a patient! Dr. Edwards doesn’t treat the symptoms he goes after the cause of those symptoms and makes sure I understand what’s going on. – Jerald Rasmussen
At Revolution Health & Wellness you are treated like family. They tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want, they always have your best interest at heart, and if you fall, they will pick you up and help you get back on track. – Cathy Garner
Dr. Edwards is not about throwing medicine at symptoms. He listens and gets to the root of the problem so you can have health like God designed us to have. He doesn’t give up on trying to find the answers! – Luana Alexander
After 20+ years of primarily stepper cardio and recently being kicked in the knee by a horse, I had developed right knee pain that was beginning to hinder my workouts. After 2 Prolotherapy sessions, with no lapse in workouts (5 days/week), the pain is totally gone. I am a crusader and a testimonal for Revolutions H&W and for Prolotherapy. My husband has always dealt with severe allergies and asthma. 3 years ago he suffered a life threatening asthma attack and was in ICU. Under the guidance of Dr Edwards by implementing the Paleo diet, he no longer takes daily asthma medication. The diet coupled with the recommended supplements have totally changed his life! – Cindy Holcomb
I tore my labrum last march in Crossfit, I was told by 3 doctors that surgery was the only option and there no promise or guarantee that I would be the same as I was ( physically) prior to the incident. I was unable to anything with my upper body, after the first round of prolo therapy I was able to do knee push-ups and banded pull ups. 6 rounds later I am completely pain free and back on track and doing Crossfit without any modifications. I was able to continue working out whereas I was told by the other doctors I wouldn’t be able to do. Dr. Edwards and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and patient,they sincerely want to help their patients get well, it shows in their quality of care and the results speak for themselves. – Erin McMahon
Dr Edwards, my daughter has her life back thanks to your incredible knowledge. She is the healthiest she has been in four years. We know it was God who lead us to your office and we are so grateful you and your wonderful staff cares and believes that the body is designed to operate in health and if your body is not healthy then something is missing. I had been saying that for years but couldn’t get a Doctor to agree w me. They just wanted to give her pain meds and other meds to mask her symptoms but never once offered a solution or even an explanation. You offered both a solution and an explanation which made sense to both of us. You were able to show my daughter how unhealthy she really was and you believed her story and had an explanation of why she was so unhealthy and a diet change along w some needed supplements has changed her life. She is healthy again!!! Praise God!!! – Kelli Ellis
Until I walked into your office, I felt like all hope was gone. Three years with daily pain. I had gone through treatment after treatment, surgery, steroid injections and medication with little to no relief. After my second treatment with Dr Chad, I had two days that were pain free. That may not mean much to most of you, but for someone in chronic pain it is a miracle. Dr Chad and his staff truly care about you, mind, spirit , body. They become a very important team in your healing process and care for you even after you leave the office. Try them out and you can find the new you. – JoAnn Lancaster
Dr. Edwards is wonderful with the senior population! As a program director at an Assisted Living community, I see many doctors and observe how they treat my residents during examination. Dr. Edwards is everything you want in a physician; intelligent, friendly, patient, understanding…and totally committed to doing whatever it takes to improve their quality of life AND helping them feel positive about the process! I appreciate Dr. Edwards’ compassionate but result driven care of my friends, and that he isn’t afraid to help patients with innovative solutions. That’s a doctor you want in YOUR corner! – Shannon Stewart, The Arbors Assisted Living
I think you are the doctor who really beleives in natural healing and prefers patient’s health over harmful steroids…very freindly too – Parkavi Ramesh
I thought I was out of options until I found you guys, this completely changed the way I live my life. – Emily Shaffer
I finally found a Dr that really listens to me! – Kristin Binns

I started Prolotherapy 1-9-12 from Dr. Edwards and received instant relief from a 5 year old right knee
injury. I will go back for a followup check in 3 weeks.

Should have done this 5 years ago…………………..- Ron Hixon


Dr. Edwards and Prolotherapy are giving my life back to me. I have suffered with lower back pain for 30 years. After just three treatments. I can now stand on my feet for an extended period of time and not have to sit down to get some relief. Dr. Edwards and his staff have been very personable, polite and knowledgeable. I recommend this treatment and this Dr. with no hesitation. – Tina Chyz


As a bodybuilder I have pushed my body through strenuous yet effective workouts for the last 20 years. The most unfortunate incident occured 6 months ago. While working out with a national level competitor who’s a good friend of mine I sustained a debilitating injury, the MRI showed a SLAP tear. 6 months later my workouts were still extremely discomforting. Fortunately Dr Edwards recommended a procudure called Prolotherapy.

The results are incredible and can be felt instantly. Within 2 weeks I have already improved 45 % in range of motion, mobility and connective tissue feels better in and around the Prolotherapy areas.

Dr. Edwards has performed therapy on both knees and shoulders and I wish I had been introduced to this form of rapid healing process years ago. I highly recommend any athlete or anyone with any pain to invest the time to reconstruct your joints and regain mobility with Dr. Edwards and Prolotherapy. – Alex Skotarek


Seriously injured my right knee over three years ago. It would get better and I would wind up re-injuring it. It got to the point where I felt surgery was my only option. As a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) I’ve seen 1000s of orthopedic surgeries. I admit its not my area of expertise but I never understood how scraping out the connective tissues during arthroscopic knee surgery was supposed to help. I further did not understand or like the speech about how eventually some day after arthroscopic surgery I would have to have a total knee replacement. So I have avoided the problem for a very long time with the pain and joint instability growing worse over time.

When Dr. Edwards told me about prolotherapy I hoped and prayed it would work. I admit I had hight hopes not just because Chad is a lifelong friend of mine but because this treatment, unlike arthroscopic knee surgery, made sense! It works with the body’s own ability to heal itself.

After 2 injections my knee is better than it has been in years. I’m 98% or better. I can to things that I could not do before and I have been pain free. – Jeff Hensley


I have had back pain for over 12 yrs. Doctors tried physical therapy, pain medications, steroid injections and nothing would help with the pain, if anything the steroid injections made my pain worse. I was informed that Dr. Edwards does Prolotherapy and thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical at first, because I had not heard of this type of treatment before and how simple it is. On my first set of injections I walked out of the clinic “Pain Free”. It is absolutley amazing how quickly and how good it works. – Martha Talamantes