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Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic seeks to optimize the health of all patients starting with the foundation of what we call the ‘Healthy Trinity. This consists of 3 components: Nutrition, Exercise, and The 3R’s (Rest, Reduce Stress, and Recovery from Exercise). We then seek to identify problems that require medical intervention and address them accordingly.

We have found that nutrition in addition to ‘drugless prescriptions’ using natural supplements is key to improving health without the numerous side effects and ‘unintended consequences’ associated with most medications.

We only use the highest grade supplements available. All of our supplements are pharmaceutical grade. If it is important to your health then it is important to us!

One of the problems associated with supplements is the poor and inconsistent quality. Supplements are not FDA controlled and, therefore, anyone can produce anything they want. There is no requirement for the label to be consistent with what is actually in the body. This means that there is a significant amount of inconsistency in most supplements.

Quality Matters!

We go to great lengths to ensure that our supplements exceed the standard. Quality truly does matter! Every lot of each of our supplements is independently, 3rd party tested. This means that we send a sample to a testing facility to ensure that it actually has the highest quality and consistency. We have even gone so far as to test our testers! We send samples that are known to not meet the standard to ensure that these samples are appropriately being tested.

Our manufacturing facility, in Orlando, FL, has been certified by the FDA and we have recently been awarded certification by the NSF.

Quite simply, our supplements offer the highest quality, purity, and consistency so that you can be assured that you get nothing but the best at Revolution Health & Wellness!

We are constantly working to expand our line of supplements to better serve the needs of our patients.