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Pain, Pain Go Away

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Pain, Pain Go Away

Low Back Pain Tulsa Oklahoma ProlotherapyDo YOU have pain?

Did you know that 100 million Americans have pain?

This pain costs $600,000,000,000 per year!

100 people die every day from drug overdoses. 60% of those overdoses are due to prescription drugs.

This problem isn’t getting better.

If you have pain then you have 2 options

Your first option is to pursue management of your pain. That means you seek traditional medical care and will likely be prescribed medications or have surgery recommended.

You may already be on this path and it may be your only option. You may not be on this path yet and you may be searching for options. Either way, you need to understand that the use of narcotic pain medications can often come with a whole host of problems:

  • Dependence – your physiology needs these medications in order to prevent symptoms of withdrawal independent of the control of pain
  • Addiction – many people become addicted to their medications
  • Abuse – many patients will engage in inappropriate behavior in order to obtain their medications
  • Overdose – may be due to a need to decrease their pain and actually be an accidental overdose
  • Decreased functionality due to side effects of the medications
  • Tolerance – you can become tolerant to your dose of medication and need higher and higher doses in order to achieve the same results

These issues do not mean that these medications are always a bad idea. There are certainly times when this therapy is absolutely the best option.

However, there is another way

We routinely see patients who have tried everything in order to relieve their pain with minimal results. They may have good pain control but can’t function because of the therapy.

We advise finding the source of the pain and eliminating the pain at the source if at all possible.

We have been able to trace the roots of most causes of pain to a ligament or tendon problem. The issue with a ligament/tendon problem is that modern medicine doesn’t have a good therapy for it so they are forced to recommend things like medications, surgery, physical therapy, etc. Again, you may need these interventions but what if you don’t?

We want to provide the highest success interventions with the lowest cost and risk to the patient.

Prolotherapy & PRP can provide the solution to reduce your pain and improve your function. It has extremely low risk and is very cost effective. It has been around for nearly 100 years in its current form and can help heal the damaged structures that are causing pain.

Learn more about Prolotherapy & PRP here.

Contact us today to see if Prolotherapy is the best option for you!