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GI Max and ProbioHealth– GI Max and ProbioHealth are pharmeceutical grade supplements that can be used to help treat a Leaky Gut. (09/09/13)

How Do I Become Gluten Free – A Gluten-Free diet means eliminating foods in our diet that contain the Gluten protein; What foods are Gluten-Free; How can we realistically make this lifestyle change.  (09/16/13)

“A Vitamin a Day May Do More Harm Than Good”– This article was published on  It discusses several cases of misleading or inaccurate labels found on supplements tested by (9/23/13)

Let’s Talk FLU- How much do you know about the FLU? (9/30/13)

Immune-Supporting Supplements- Revolution Health and Wellness provides pharmaceutical grade supplements that can help build your immune system. (10/7/13)