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Fix Your Low Back Pain With Prolotherapy or PRP

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Fix Your Low Back Pain With Prolotherapy or PRP

Low back pain is extremely common and can be very debilitating. We have seen patients do anything under the sun to try to get relief including getting addicted to pain medications, having surgery, getting steroid injections, getting epidural injections, getting nerve blocks, etc.

It is striking how many of these patients continue to have low back pain despite all of these therapies and despite all of the costs associated with these procedures!

There are numerous problems with the way these procedures work and there are several reasons why patients still have pain. Ultimately, we have to find the ultimate source of the problem for their low back pain and fix that.

Identifying the source of the problem is exactly what we do at Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic in Tulsa, OK.

When we know what we are dealing with we are far better equipped at being able to fix the problem.

We have found that most people have low back pain because of ligament or tendon laxity or weakness. Sure, herniated disks occur but we believe that the vast majority of them occur because the facet joints are weakened and put excess strain on the disks. Additionally, numerous patients have herniated disks but don’t have any pain. Interesting!

Prolotherapy & PRP address the ligament or tendon laxity or weakness and returns it to normal function and strength which eliminates the pain. Steroid injections don’t do this. Surgery doesn’t do this. Nerve blocks don’t do this. This is why they often fail.

This video is the Prolotherapy procedure but PRP is essentially the same process, it just uses your processed blood (platelets) as the solution. This patient had no anesthesia, sedation, or pain medications before or during the procedure (except the lidocaine in the solution) and she tolerated it extremely well.

Warning: do not watch this video if you are squeamish about needles!

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