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Holiday Supplement- “A Big Round Belly and a Bowl Fulla Jelly” (Digestion)

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Holiday Supplement- “A Big Round Belly and a Bowl Fulla Jelly” (Digestion)

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Are there visions of sugar plums dancing in your head this holiday season?

The Holidays are a wonderful time for Friends, Family, Fun…and Food.  We’ve all been there, getting caught up in the holiday splendor, eating our way from start to finish.  Unfortunately, this is usually pretty hard on our gut.  Plus, many people experience issues with their gut anyway, and the Holidays can sometimes make it difficult.

If you are one who struggles with gut issues, or know someone who does, this holiday supplement gift may be great for you!

It’s called, “A Big Round Belly and a Bowl Fulla Jelly”



What’s in it, and how does it help your digestion?

1.  RevGutHealth– A supplement that features specialized ingredients for gastrointestinal support.  It contains extract of licorice, glutamine, and Arabinogalactan, supporting the mucosal lining of the gut and overall GI health.
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2.  Rev Reflux- A supplement containing zinc and L-carnosine that safely and effectively supports the stomach’s own natural cell-protective mechanisms without interfering with the body’ normal digestive system.                          
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3.  Break It Down– A supplement that assists with protein digestion, promotes normal secretion of saliva and gastric acid for digestive support, and supports nutrient absorption and helps maintain a healthy gastric pH.
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Retail Price is $85

When you purchase this holiday supplement gift, you receive a 25% discount on each supplement included!