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Against The Grain Podcast

Against the Grain Podcast's LogoWe have noticed that we end up providing the same education on certain topics over and over. We also noticed that people need to know what we do and how we do it. Against The Grain Podcast is a great solution for this…

People need to know about prolotherapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. They need to know about lifestyle changes. They need to know the different options for thyroid management.

One of our biggest problems is providing this education. I’ve thought long and hard about how to tackle this problem. The solution…

Against The Grain Podcast

Our podcast if totally free. It is available on iTunes as well as the website. You can download the podcast from the website. You can subscribe to it and listen to it on your phone and in your car. We are trying to provide great content to help with common medical problems.

As of the time of this writing the first few podcast topics are:

  1. Podcast #1: Introduction
  2. Podcast #2: Labs – what is ‘normal’? Have you ever wondered where those normal values came from anyway?
  3. Podcast #3: Prolotherapy – excellent therapy for musculoskeletal pain and injury
  4. Podcast #4: Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  5. Podcast #5: Tamiflu – why it isn’t worth the money and won’t help you get better any faster
  6. Podcast #6: Flu-Shot – why it probably isn’t helpful and reviews the literature showing a strong lack of data
  7. Podcast #7: The Emergency Room – when should you go to the ER and when it may not be the best thing
  8. Podcast #8: Insurance – A Betting Man’s Game. Why insurance isn’t as helpful as you may think but also why you have to have it.
  9. Podcast #9: Thyroid & Synthroid – all you wanted to know about thyroid and hormones
  10. Podcast #10: MRI – not as helpful as you think. MRI can be very helpful but it may not be as helpful as you think
  11. Podcast #11: Low Back Pain – what causes it and what you can do about it
  12. Podcast #12: Diabetes
  13. Podcast #13: Acne & Hormones – why do people get acne when they start hormone replacement?
  14. Podcast #14: Antibiotics for Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) – do you really need those antibiotics or are they more harmful?
  15. Podcast #15: Get Your O Back – far too many women are faking orgasm. This can often be fixed.
  16. Podcast #16: Bad Birth Control – oral contraceptives can cause a whole host of problems
  17. Podcast #17: Knee Pain – prolotherapy helps with most causes of knee pain
  18. Podcast #18: Adrenal Fatigue – this is a very common issue

More are coming! Please go on to iTunes and share our podcast and give us a great rating!