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What Is Prolotherapy?

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Title Bar - what is prolotherapy - prolotherapy tulsaProlotherapy is a treatment for your musculoskeletal pain.
Prolotherapy is a way to increase your function.

Prolotherapy is getting your life back!

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As stated on the Prolotherapy page, many musculoskeletal pains are due to ligament and/or tendon relaxation. This means that there is damage to these structures which causes instability.

Prolotherapy is the injection of a ‘proliferant’ solution into these damaged structures which stimulates an inflammatory response (the body’s natural healing mechanism).

This response is the first phase in healing damaged structures.

Our bodies are designed to survive
We are built to adapt
We are made to heal!

We have systems that heal our damaged structures. The circulatory system carries chemicals and nutrients to the site of injury to fuel the process of re-building damaged structures.

In the case of ligaments and/or tendons the blood supply is very poor. That is why they appear white on dissection. The poor blood supply decreases the effectiveness of the inflammatory and healing mechanisms and can result in chronic ligament/tendon laxity and, often, pain.

Prolotherapy initiates a powerful inflammatory response in these damaged areas by stimulating the healing cascade.

Prolotherapy stimulates the body to heal itself.


Prolotherapy & PRP are excellent procedures that can dramatically improve most people’s pain.


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Most people want to know how the procedure works. Some people don’t care, they just want to get better. Either way, we want to give you as much information as you need in order to make an informed decision. Read about how prolotherapy works, how PRP works, and how they can change your life!


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The next concern that most people have is “is it covered by insurance” and “how much does it cost?” Two very good questions. Neither procedure is covered by insurance but it is important to understand that we want to help as many people as possible and we will do everything we can to help you. Read more about Prolotherapy & PRP costs & prices at Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic.


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Once you decide that you want to have prolotherapy or PRP performed, what’s next?

Well, the first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment for evaluation. The more information you have and the more you understand prior to your appointment the more efficient we can be while you are in our office. We recommend watching the video on the Risks of Prolotherapy & PRP. It will give you some information on risks as well as what we can do to help ease the discomfort of the procedure.

It would also be a good idea to know what to expect when you come in for the procedure. There are some instructions that you should be aware of prior to having prolotherapy or PRP performed. Download the Prolotherapy Instructions here and, in order to maximize the benefits of Prolotherapy or PRP, follow them as closely as possible.

Where you should have Prolotherapy or PRP performed:

Prolotherapy and PRP are extremely effective but you want to make sure that you are having your procedure performed by a highly trained and qualified prolotherapist! There is no certification for the procedure so, technically, anyone can say they do prolotherapy or PRP. You will also be able to read about Dr Chad Edwards’ training in prolotherapy. Remember, we are the ONLY clinic in Oklahoma endorsed by the Hackett-Hemwall Foundation and the only clinic to perform both Prolotherapy AND PRP.


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How Prolotherapy got started:

Occasionally, people want to know how prolotherapy got started and why they haven’t heard of it before. Read more about it here. Obviously, you will probably want to know if Prolotherapy or PRP will work for you.

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