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It is rare that people get adequate nutrition with the food we eat today. Most foods are not of the quality that we ate just a few decades ago and the impact can be severe. We test many of our patients with a comprehensive micronutrient test which helps us thoroughly evaluate each individual patient’s nutrition and nearly all of them are deficient in at least 1 nutrient and most are deficient in several.

One of the tenants of the Healthy Trinity is nutrition and it is a critical component of optimal health. We find that most patients need nutritional supplements on some level. Additionally, most of our patients have medical conditions that are most appropriately treated with nutritional supplements.

One problem with supplements is that the quality can vary dramatically. Consumer Reports ran tests on some common & well-known brands of supplements and the results were quite disappointing. 30% of the supplements tested did not contain what their label stated. More concerning, some of them were contaminated with lead – up to 26 times the amount allowed by ConsumerLabs. 66% of the multivitamins that were tested failed. The poor quality and contamination give great concern for some nutritional supplements.

So how do you know what brand you can trust? It is easier than you think! Look for a brand that performs independent, 3rd-party testing. That means they voluntarily send their supplements to the lab to have them tested. Most companies don’t do this because it is expensive. We had a hard time finding a manufacturer that did this type of testing.

Revolution’s supplements are independently 3rd-party tested

We have the kind of quality that you want and deserve. It is the kind of quality you can feel safe in taking for yourself or giving to your kids.

Our supplements are pharmaceutical grade and physician formulated. They are backed by human clinical trials documenting their effects.


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