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Functional Medicine Approach to Cardiovascular Disease

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Functional Medicine Approach to Cardiovascular Disease

functional medicine tulsa cardiovascular disease heart attackCardiovascular disease is a major priority at our Tulsa Functional Medicine clinic.

Why? Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the US and the world. Our functional medicine clinic is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, right smack dab in the heart of the problem, so to speak. According to the CDC in 2016, Oklahoma rates 2nd in the country for cardiovascular death rates. This is a huge problem across the country but certainly here in Oklahoma.

Now, I don’t know of anyone who wants to die of a heart attack but the odds sure suggest that you will. The scary thing is that 50% of the people who have a heart attack didn’t have any symptoms up until their heart attack.

Do you remember the TV show “The Biggest Loser”? You may recall Bob Harper as one of the trainers and hosts on the show. You may also recall that he had a severe heart attack February 12th, 2017. Not only did he have a heart attack, he fell over dead! Sadly, that is exactly how it happens for many people. Bob was very fortunate that there was a medical student right next to him when he fell over and immediately began CPR and other life-saving measures.

Who would have thought that this leader, trainer, and epitome of fitness could have a heart attack?

I was working in the ER the other day and had a patient with a very similar story.