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Dr Edwards in Honduras with the Hackett Hemwall FoundationTulsa Prolotherapy is an excellent procedure to help reduce pain and improve function. Prolotherapy has helped countless patients eliminate their pain and it may be the ideal solution for you. Prolotherapy is a minimally invasive, in-office procedure which stimulates your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Prolotherapy is a simple, safe, and straight forward procedure when administered by a trained prolotherapy practitioner. There are risks associated with virtually any medical procedure. Physicians who are well trained typically have the lowest risk of complication.

Did you know…

Any physician (and many other allied health providers) can say they perform prolotherapy? Also, there is no actual prolotherapy certification. Clearly you want the most qualified person performing your prolotherapy. While prolotherapy is very low risk in the hands of a well trained prolotherapist there is significant risk if not performed correctly.

In the words of C. Everett Koop, MD (former Surgeon General of the US) “The nice thing about prolotherapy, if properly done, is that it cannot do any harm.” The key words here are “properly done.” That is the key.

Dr. Edwards has been performing prolotherapy for several years and has performed thousands of procedures without a single serious complication. Because of that experience he understands how things could go wrong if done incorrectly. That is why he sought out the best training available through the Hackett Hemwall Foundation. He is the ONLY prolotherapist recommended by the Hackett Hemwall Foundation in Oklahoma, much less the Tulsa area.

When you are looking for someone to perform your prolotherapy here are some factors to consider:

  • What is their training in prolotherapy?
  • Do they do continuing education in prolotherapy?
  • How many procedures do they perform on a weekly basis? High treatment volume is generally a good thing.
  • Are there areas in the body that they do not treat? You want someone who is comprehensive in their approach.
  • What is their experience with complicated injections?
  • Do they know how to treat complications they may cause?

Dr Edwards has years of experience in the ICU, hospital wards, Emergency Room, and outpatient clinics. He has seen multiple complications from procedures and knows how to treat them. While you don’t want to be one of the ones with a complication it is important that your prolotherapy provider knows how to treat any possible complication in the low chance one occurs. Simply knowing this helps lower the likelihood that a complication will arise from the procedure because we know what to avoid.

We have seen numerous patients who were treated by other prolotherapy providers and did not improve. However, most of the time Dr Edwards has improved their symptoms if not resolved them all together. We’ve also seen other providers who do not have extensive experience in treating procedural and traumatic complications.

The bottom line

You want the most experienced prolotherapist you can find with the greatest breadth of experience with the prolotherapy procedure as well as identifying and managing potential complications. While these complications are extremely rare in the hands of an experienced prolotherapist the are much higher for inadequately trained providers.

Do your homework and make sure you find the best!