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**This article was written by Tulsa Holistic Doctor and Tulsa D.O. Chad Edwards. This post was first written on JANUARY 8, 2010

I have stated several times how important it is to know exactly how much you are consuming (in a caloric sense) and to decrease total caloric intake if you are trying to lose or maintain your body weight.

One of the best ways to decrease calorie intake is to STOP DRINKING YOUR CALORIES!

Think about it. If you are allowed 1800 Kcal per day and you drink 3 12oz ‘cokes’ or sodas’ every day, you are only allowed just over 1400 more kcal for the day. That is 3 meals at just UNDER 500 calories each!

Another way to think about it: the average person will have to run or walk an extra 1-2 miles per day for every coke they drink.

Coke/soda/’pop’ is not the only source of calories here. Whole milk has 150 kcal per cup (that’s 8oz), skim milk has 100 kcal – and that is not very much milk. Most fruit juices have just over 100 kcal per 8 oz. Again, portion control plays a significant role with beverages as well because, I would argue, that most people drink much more than 1 serving at a time.

Regardless, 2 glasses of juice/milk/coke per day equate to an extra 200-250 kcal per day. That amounts to an extra pound of body weight every 14 days – how about an extra 26 pounds per year. In 10 years, you’ve gained 260 pounds! That is what is called ‘creeping obesity.’

If your weight is currently stable, cutting out these 2 servings per day would result in a weight LOSS of 26 pounds per year.

Small adjustments over a longer period of time make a BIG difference.