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The bioidentical hormones Tulsa treatments utilized by Dr. Chad Edwards are combined with a holistic approach to wellness.

This combination creates an extremely powerful way to get you into a healthier state of being. The holistic approach is going to make sure that you are making your body as strong and as healthy as possible. This is extremely important when it comes to hormone optimization and utilization. Give Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness a call by dialing 918-935-3636 to schedule your appointment.

Let’s take for example the chiropractic manipulations that Dr. Chad Edwards is trained to do. If you are out of alignment, then your body is not functioning properly. If your body is not functioning properly then who knows what aspects of your body are having issues. There could be blockages. Things like energy blockages, blood flow blockages, etc. These blockages can cause issues with your hormones, delivery of nutrients, and nerve impulses. Many things can go wrong if you do not have proper alignment of your musculoskeletal system specifically your spine.

Another thing that Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness utilizes with nearly every single patient is nutrition. Nutrition sounds so simple and basic because it is. However, the majority of people in America do not eat a healthy nutritious meal plan. Furthermore, the people that are eating nutritious food still have an issue because the food does not have the nutrient quality that it once did. Therefore, proper supplementation is needed to be taken with that healthy nutrition plan for optimal health. This is something that Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness utilizes with most of his patients.