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What is sexual dysfunction?
Any physical or psychological problem that prevents you or your partner from achieving sexual satisfaction.

Urinary Incontinence

Male Sexual Dysfunction

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The O-Shot

Female Sexual Dysfunction

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What does the research say?

Research has shown that over 40% of women have female sexual dysfunction (4, 8)… but there’s one issue with the research. Only 14% of women talk to their doctor about sex (7). Thus, we know that in all reality the number of women who have this issue is likely much higher than 40%.

“It’s been estimated that female sexual dysfunction affects up to 63% of women!"

"Sexual dysfunction in men is common and affects men of all ages but increases with age. Treatment can help.”
What is Female Sexual Dysfunction? What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

What is female sexual dysfunction?

If your mind went to issues reaching orgasm or low libido then you are right! However, the issues associated are much broader and include pain with intercourse.

To this point our best treatment has been derived from Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy with testosterone and estrogen creams. This has shown improvement but at Revolution Health and Wellness we have realized that many of our women ages 35 and older still struggle to reach orgasm despite optimal hormone treatment.

To date, other than BHRT, there has been no safe medical treatment for female sexual dysfunction. Some practitioners have tried using hyaluronic acid fillers in the Graffian Spot or G-Spot and termed it the “G-Shot.” However, this has been a condemned therapy by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology due to potential incidence of granuloma formation by hyaluronic acid fillers at the injection site(2,3).

What is male sexual dysfunction?

There are 4 main types of male sexual dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction

The Solution

In searching for an answer for our patient’s at Revolution and in the greater Tulsa area, we’ve found an amazing solution with a key treatment we have used for joint pain for years… Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

PRP is a natural treatment as the material is derived from YOU! We take your blood sample, and extract the platelets that heal and restore tissue and then inject them into key areas that restore normal female function. PRP has been deemed safe and natural. In over 45,000 uses there’s been ZERO reported complications.
However, there is no certification for PRP therapy. Beware of PRP or the O-Shot® from any provider not appropriately trained.

The results of this 20-minute procedure are dramatic and long lasting. Women report significant improvement in stimulation, sensitivity, arousal, and sex drive.

“Urinary incontinence (Both stress and urge) sometimes stops the day of treatment. Research has shown that 82% of women improved in sexual desire, arousal, lubrication and orgasm after the O-Shot® (9).”

What People Say About Our PRP Service

“The experience with the O-Shot® is rejuvenating. I do believe Young Women or Older Women should consider acquiring the O-Shot® to invigorate many levels of pleasure and healthy sexual relations.”Anonymous

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