Courtney Garner, APRN

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Courtney Garner APRN Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic Nurse Practitioner HeadshotCourtney knew from the time she was in 8th grade she wanted to be a Nurse Practitioner. Her heart to serve and impact the lives of others began by spending her summers traveling on church mission trips. She went on to complete her Associates of Arts in Missions from Hillsdale College and then her B.S in Nursing from the University of Oklahoma.

 Prior to attending graduate school, Courtney worked as a Registered Nurse in a local Intensive Care Unit and Angioplasty Recovery Unit. Her passion for Functional Medicine began in her own search for seeking out answers to personal health issues. After going to doctor after doctor with no good answers she took matters into her own hands by making changes to her own nutrition, sleep habits, stress management, and exercise routine. Symptoms resolved and Courtney kept digging to learn more and pay it forward.

In 2010, Courtney went on to attend graduate school at the University of South Alabama and received her M.S in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner certification from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. While in graduate school she took the opportunity to learn from integrative and functional leaders in the area, including, Revolution Health’s founder, Dr. Chad Edwards.

 She has since become a leader in sex hormone, adrenal, and thyroid management. Courtney’s unique and functional approach to these issues has made her a sought after hormone specialist. She is thrilled to keep restoring lives and is proud to be apart of the revolution in medical care at Revolution Health and Wellness.

 In her time away from the clinic, Courtney enjoys working out and spending quality time with her husband, Sean, and their two daughters. Her and her husband continue to be involved in mission work in Haiti and share a passion for enriching others.