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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Vasectomy Doctors in Tulsa | Your go-to vasectomy clinic.

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

There are many vasectomy Doctors in Tulsa Oklahoma, but none as passionate and dedicated as Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution health and wellness clinic located at 12142 S. Yukon Ave. Glenpool, Oklahoma 74033 serving the people and surrounding cities in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Chad Edwards is an osteopathic physician located here in Tulsa Oklahoma with a primary focus and interest in functional medicine using a revolutionized holistic approach to handling patients issues. His main goal is to be able to optimize the health of his patients through all means available and this includes nutrition, rest, exercise, herbals, medications, chiropractic and acupuncture plus many more as deemed appropriate.

What exactly is Revolution health and wellness? Glad you asked me Dr. Chad Edwards, Revelation health and wellness clinic focuses on a natural approach to medicine and getting to the root cause of the disease and illness that plague the population. If you are looking for vasectomy Doctors in Tulsa Oklahoma then look no further than Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution health and wellness. Dr. Chad Edwards and his highly trained professionals team evaluate each and every patient that comes into the clinic using a revolutionary holistic approach. The team understands that every part of the human body harmoniously works with every other part in a synergistic manner. We know that we can affect change on one system without affecting another system, everything is tied together in our bodies are like machines in which every cog has a function in one cog cannot turn without turning another. Our bodies are built to heal and repair themselves, but due to our poor diet and exercise it is getting increasingly difficult in order to supply her body with proper nutrients needed to thrive.

If there’s a dysfunction in your body it becomes extremely imperative that Dr. Chad Edwards and his staff identify the exact source of this dysfunction and are able to correct it in a timely manner in order to optimize the health and functionality of the patient. There are many vasectomy Doctors in Tulsa Oklahoma and rest assured that Dr. Edwards is number one in his field, you will be in great hands you choose revolution health and wellness as your go to vasectomy. You simply cannot treat a manifestation of the dysfunction such as diabetes or hypertension with medications alone, you’ll have to address the root cause of the problem.

This is where Dr. Edwards and Revolution health on excel and differ from your average physician or doctor. You must understand that nobody in the world has pain simply because they have a Lortab deficiency, and nobody has acid reflux issues because of a purple pill deficiency. Humans won’t get cancer because they are deficient in chemotherapy. When trying to say here is that the human body is fed by mother nature and that is how is able to function properly. But many people rely on pharmaceuticals and think that by taking certain medications that they are feeling themselves. The truth of the matter is this though, all medication is simply a Band-Aid and will never get to the root of your illness or issues. This is simply fact. Obtaining optimal health requires the optimal functioning of all the human body’s system.

The first dictum in medicine is first do no harm, ironically enough every single medication under her over-the-counter have unintentional effects that go hand-in-hand with the attendant effects. People need to realize that medication is not the cure-all that they once believed it is. Please let Dr. Edwards and his highly professional and knowledgeable staff help you get back to complete wellness. You can give them a call at (918) 935-3636 or visit their website to read testimonials on their site. You won’t regret healing yourself naturally and with the help of revolution health and wellness.