Need A Doctor?

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Need A Doctor?

This content was written for Revolution Health

The vasectomy doctors in Tulsa at Revolution health believe in exhaustive measures when it comes to preventing traditional Western medical intervention. They want to ensure that they do everything as natural as possible to cure all ailments and get you to optimal health and well-being. Dr. Chad Edwards has spent the majority of his studying and researching the safest and most effective protocols for curing your ailments through natural health. He is a firm believer in utilizing preventative wellness so that his patients never reach a point of illness or ailment. Dr. Edwards has been featured on Tulsa World,  News Channel 8, news channel to, news on6, Channel 9, and several other reputable media sources.

Dr. Edwards is an expert when it comes to solving problems the traditional Western medicine can’t solve. Things like tiredness and fatigue with seemingly no diagnosis. Focusing on the natural approach to medicine means that Dr. Edwards will not be risking your life giving you a prescription cocktail that simply covers up your symptoms without solving the real issues. The vasectomy doctors in Tulsa at Revolution health want to ensure that they solve the real issues of your ailment instead of simply covering them up with chemical cocktails to drowned out the symptoms. Western medicine is primarily focused on taking care of people who are sick, and/or “sick care” whereas the vasectomy doctors in Tulsa at Revolution health are focused on health care. Instead of focusing and surrounding everything around illness and disease the doctors at Revolution health focus on increasing health and dust preventing illness and disease.

I don’t know about you, but I think if most people had to choose they would choose never getting sick, never having a disease, and instead being vibrant and healthy until the day they die. If this is you, then Revolution health and Dr. Edwards is your place of salvation. Dr. Edwards is especially qualified to do this as he is a physician who is trained and prescribes natural remedies as well as has the ability to prescribe medications if deemed necessary. An example of this would be if a patient comes in with an extremely progressive disease that disease needs to be stopped in its tracks. Western medicine is extremely effective at this. Once the disease has been stopped in its tracks with Western medicine, Dr. Edwards can then get to work on improving the health of the patient and making them more resistant from disease and ailments in the future.

Being an osteopathic physician Dr. Edwards primary interest is in functional medicine. Doctors of osteopathic medicine use a holistic approach to ensure that they are not just treating symptoms, but they are treating the whole person and thus treating the real cause of the symptoms. As a doctor, Dr. Edwards wants to optimize his patient’s health through any and all available means. Some of the tools that the vasectomy doctors in Tulsa at Revolution health by Dr. Edwards use our nutrition, exercise, rest, herbals, medications, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.

Safe and Effective Preventative Medical Treatment

This content was written for Revolution Health

The vasectomy doctors in Tulsa found at Revolution health specialize in helping you save money, feel better, functional medicine, and proper nutritional supplementation. When you put all these things together and boil it down the doctors at Revolution health are your number one source for optimal wellness, well-being, and preventative medicine. Although it doesn’t stop there, Dr. Edwards, at Revolution health also knows and has been trained in depth in Western medicine. Allowing Dr. Edwards to treat medical issues that are only able to be healed by Western medicine and then he goes to work on creating a stronger healthier body to prevent any further illness or ailments.

Dr. Edwards is an osteopathic physician meeting he is specially trained in Western medicine and proper nutrition, rest and recuperation, exercise, herbals, medications, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. He is your one-stop shop for everything you need health, wellness, and sickness. He is continually researching and searching for the best methods for treating human conditions, sicknesses, and illness. The vast ectomy doctors in Tulsa at Revolution health are ready to help you with all that ails you. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous that the first dictum of medicine is “primum non-nocere”  meaning first do no harm, and all medications have adverse effects that come along with the intended effects? Wouldn’t you rather stop paying the pharmaceutical companies for cocktails and elixirs of medicines that many times do more harm than good and instead start going with a natural approach to preventative health and wellness.

This is exactly what Dr. Edwards and the vasectomy doctors in Tulsa at Revolution health do. They ensure that they only use Western medicine when necessary. They are going to ensure that your as healthy as possible with preventative health and natural medicine so that you never have to go on any pharmaceutical drugs whatsoever. However, Western medicine and pharmaceuticals can come in handy when necessary, and  that is why Dr. Edwards is an osteopathic physician who allows him to prescribe pharmaceutical medicines when necessary. However, he is just as tired as you of seeing pharmaceutical drugs and deadly cocktails thrown in patients at the slightest glimpse of any ailment as a preventative measure. This is causing countless and needless deaths every year with people who are going to the doctor for help.

Nobody has pain, sickness, or disease because a lack of some pharmaceutical drug. Typically people have pain, sickness, and disease from a lack of health and well-being. This health and well-being come from proper food, rest, exercise, and proper supplementation. In short it comes from optimizing your wellness and health. If you optimize your wellness and health, which is what the vasectomy doctors in Tulsa at  Revolution health specialize in. They want to ensure that everybody is as resistant as possible because they are as vibrant and vital as possible to succumbing to any sickness, illness, or disorder. They believe that for the most part if you take care of your body, your health, and your well-being properly and efficiently that you will be much more likely to never experience serious diseases or ailments..