Let Us Take Care of Your Tulsa Thyroid Problems

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Let Us Take Care of Your Tulsa Thyroid Problems

This Content Was Written by Revolution Health

This content has been created to help patients to find us and is not designed to help treat or prevent illness for medical care. Call us today at 918-935-3636

when trying to find solutions to your Tulsa thyroid problems we highly recommend you come in and see us here at Revolution Health and wellness clinic. Revolution Health and wellness clinic is located in the South Tulsa area at 2865 East Skelly Dr. Suite 300 Tulsa, OK 74105. You’ll find we have a lot of great staff members were going to be very helpful when it comes to your condition. You can give us a call today to set up your appointment at 918-935-3636 or go online to www.revolutionhealth.org and schedule appointment online. You’ll find that Doctor Edwards, D.O. is going to be very helpful when it comes to any type of condition you might have.

One of the reasons we are able to solve a lot of problems here at Revolution Health is because we take a holistic and natural front. Not only do we try and stop the progression of the disease with modern Western medications we also take a step further. When it comes to healthcare America we believe main focus is on “sick care” rather than healthcare. Rather than helping you improve your health are only going to try and stop the six. At Revolution Health we are going to take that extra step to make you healthier person. When doing this we’re going to prevent future illnesses and diseases from spreading in your body.

We believe the body was designed to help fight off illnesses on its own. In order to do this we want you to be here top shape so you can fight off the diseases on her own. This is going to save a lot of money long as well. If you are living at your optimum health you’re going to get sick less and therefore have to make your Doctor visits and take less medications. Revolution Health is truly going to revolutionize what you think about your healthcare. We’re going to show you techniques that are going to help you with your nutrition, exercise that we like to call the 3Rs. The combination of these three is going to be known as The Healthy Trinity.

The first step of the healthy Trinity is going to be the nutritional side. This for the you are getting your body the proper nutrition to they can fight off diseases as well as build’s immune system. Not only that but is also important that your body is fueled with proper amount of energy. We believe it is time for Americans to stop thinking about food is comfort, awards or social events rather fuel. The food you eat is going to fuel your body. Whatever you put in your body is we’re going to get out. Supposedly nutrition is one of things to focus on when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle.

The second most important things going to be your exercise. A proper exercise program is going to be very poor when it comes to any proms you might have. Having a healthy body mass index is going to improve your health drastically. In order to do this is important have the proper exercise routine that you are doing regularly. We also want to recover from his workouts and get plenty of rest. This with the 3Rs comes in. The first to our office the rest and recovery. The third R is going to be stressed. Reducing stress is going to drastically improve your health is well. When it comes to any type of problems like Tulsa thyroid problems stress is only going to have a problem. Give us a call today Revolution Health let us help you get on track to healthier lifestyle.

Natural and Holistic Ways to Solve Your Tulsa Thyroid Problems

This Content Was Written by Revolution Health

At Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic you are going to meet with Doctor Chad Edwards, D.O. Doctor Edwards is been doing preventative medicine for over 20 years now. He started his career in 1989 with U.S. Army as a medic in preventative medicine specialist. He started Revolution Health with the dream of getting Tulsa a clinic that is going to take a holistic and natural approach to solving problems with your Tulsa thyroid problem. For more information about what Revolution Health can do to help you with any condition you might have gives a call today at 918-935-3636.

Revolution Health is located in the South Tulsa area has been serving Tulsa for several years now. You can find us at 2865 East Skelly Dr. Suite 300 Tulsa, OK 74105. Our facility is going to be top-of-the-line in you’re going to find it is filled with wonderful staff members. You’ll always be green with a smile and treated with courtesy when you come into the Revolution Health clinic. You also build find a lot of information about what we have to offer here at her website. The website be found at www.revolutionhealth.org and will provide you with a ton of information about what we do here at Revolution Health.

One of the things we try to focus on here to make sure that our patients are recovering from their illnesses is called The Healthy Trinity. One of the concerns Doctor Edwards had about the medical system today as it was only focusing on “sick care” rather than healthcare. At Revolution Health we try to focus on healthcare and making you healthier person. We believe that by doing this we’re going to help your body fight off the disease is in the future and prevent you from coming into the doctor. This is going to save you money and also decrease the risk of illness. This is why we practice what we call The Healthy Trinity.

Healthy Trinity consists of three steps need to be implemented at the same time. The first the steps is going to be your nutritional program. When you come in Revolution Health we will talk about what is going to be best for your health when it comes to nutrition. We want to focus on the proper foods you need to be eating that are going to give you the fuel you need to recover and fight off illnesses and diseases. The proper intake of nutrition is also going to help with the second step of the healthy Trinity. Second step consists of proper exercise program. We’ll implement and exercise program is going to help you maintain the proper body mass index improve your cardiovascular function as well as your respiratory function.

Third final step of the Healthy Trinity is going to be the 3Rs. The 3Rs one of the most important steps in should be taken very seriously. The first of the 3Rs is going to be rest. Is important you get the proper meta-rest every night to your body can recover. Second step is to recover from your workouts. When you’re doing strenuous exercises such as CrossFit Tulsa we highly recommend you do the proper recovery programs of your body can rebuild the muscles your broken down. Third final step is going to be the reduction of stress. It is very important you reduce stress in your life to become healthier. Stress can often cause complications when it comes to any type of problem such as your Tulsa thyroid problem. Revolution Health is going to help you solve your problems in a natural holistic way so give us a call at 918-935-3636.