Get Some Relief.

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Get Some Relief.

This content was written for Revolution Health.

Get some relief, from your pain, or your constant fatigue, get some relief from any of your health issues, when you start using Revolution Health and getting some amazing treatments from the holistic doctor right here in Tulsa, that is Dr. Chad Edwards. He wants to help you, get rid of your sickness, get rid of your stress, and so much more. He also has the ways to do all of this, the natural way. He can provide you with vitamins or herbs, he can help increase your Tulsa testosterone levels, he can get rid of your pain natural way through prolotherapy, and so much more. He really can help, but all he has to do is know how he can help you, and that’s where you come in. All you have to do is call Dr. Edwards today, at 918-935-3636.

Dr. Edwards prides himself on being different than other places in town, and what I mean by that is that he actually find the answer on why your body is doing what it does, why you are sick, why you are tired. He does not just want to treat the symptoms, he understands that since the whole body works together, there is a answer, there is a reason, and it just takes some time to find out why. All you have to do, is use Dr. Edwards and he will take the time that it takes, to find out what is going on with you, so you can treat the problem, and give you a solution, a long-term solution not a short-term one.

If you are sick and tired of just having to take pills to help your symptoms, and never really getting the problem solved, never finding the real issue, then you need to call Revolution Health and talk to Dr. Edwards and see if prolotherapy is right for you, which is a amazing, healthy and natural way to get rid of your pain. This can help save money, so you have to get surgery. Or talk to him about Tulsa testosterone he can provide you with, helping get rid of your tired feelings, on a constant basis. If you are always sick, he has IV therapies, they can even help get rid of your stress. These are just a a few of the many different ways a Dr. Chad Edwards can and will help you.

When you start getting amazing, and healthy solutions for your health, you are actually going to stay healthier for longer, and they are not only side effects like there is when you go and get prescriptions filled. Most prescriptions have possible side effects, in one way or another, so get the healthy, and natural way, that does not have those extreme side effects. Dr. Edwards can even help go over a nutritional plan for you, helping you live, and continue to be in optimal health. He wants to help you be as healthy as possible, and he has all of the knowledge and expertise that it takes to get your body living in harmony, keeping you healthy.

Did you read all that, and you are just waiting to call Dr. Edwards? Because if you are, if you want to set up an appointment with Revolution Health all you have to do is grab your telephone so you can start dialing the phone number, and set up an appointment. The number is 918-935-3636, so give it a quick ring today, set up your appointment, and start living in great health.

Long-Term Health Solutions.

This content was written for Revolution Health.

Revolution Health is home to the incredible, holistic expert right here in Tulsa, that is providing people with long term health solutions. Dr. Chad Edwards firmly believes in the fact that the whole body works together, and so he also believes in helping take care the entire body. He wants to help you find the real cause of whatever your health problem might be, so that way he can help get rid of it, for good, as a long term solution. If you are constantly tired, and nothing seems to help, have you thought about checking your to Tulsa testosterone levels? Many people lose up to 2% of their levels every single year, so if you need some help in Tulsa testosterone areas, Dr. Edwards can provide that for you, and so much more. Give them a ring today, by grabbing your telephone and dialing 918-935-3636

Dr. Edwards wants to provide you with solutions, that are not just going to fix your symptoms, but really get rid of your issue, for a long time, that’s why he specializes in providing long-term solutions. He can do things like the Tulsa testosterone therapies that we just mentioned, he also has a way to help get rid of your pain which is incredible, natural, and extremely effective. This is prolotherapy, and he is one of the few places in Tulsa, or you can go to get this. What it is, is that Dr. Edwards can inject a natural solution at the origin of your pain, that will help irritate that particular area.

I know you are thinking that sounds awful, but what it does, is it irritates that area so the body, which naturally heals itself, will focus on healing that particular area. This is incredible, because this is a way that you can get rid of your pain, faster. You can get rid of it for good instead of just having to throw a bunch of pain pills attic, and hoping that eventually it stops hurting. Prolotherapy is really incredible, and Dr. Chad Edwards is one of the few places of the few experts that can provide it for you.

If you think that you need some prolotherapy, then call him today so he can start helping you, by providing do for you. He really does want every single person feel the best that they can feel, so if you are in pain, the you need to see if prolotherapy is right for you, by calling Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health.

Get great results, the healthy and natural way from Dr. Edwards that wants to help you have long-term results, long term solutions for all of your health issues. Call him today at 918-935-3636, so he can start providing these solutions, these long-term solutions for you. Whatever issue that you are having, call and set up an appointment with Dr. Chad Edwards so he can start providing you with the healthy, natural, holistic, amazing services that he is known for.