Naturally Approaching Functional Medicine for Tulsa.

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

his content was written for Revolution Health.

Naturally Approaching Functional Medicine for Tulsa.

Are you seeking a Dr. that takes a more natural approach to functional medicine? Are you in the Tulsa area and looking for Dr. with longer appointments and more attention to detail when it comes to getting rid of the problem opposed to managing it? Or maybe you looking for Dr. that knows more natural ways of healing, instead of just adding on more medications. You will definitely be happy with the Tulsa stem cell and medical services provided by the professionals at Revolution Health. Visit their website right away at for more great information.

Revolution Health is known for having one of the best medical staffs in the Tulsa area and delivering the very best of medical services. They have built a great reputation in the Tulsa area and continue to keep it strong by delivering the very best of medical services with a natural and holistic approach to functional medicine. This is how they have continuously beat out their competition and lead in their industry. The citizens of Tulsa know that Revolution Health is the very best when it comes to natural healing in functional medicine. Let them help you reach optimal health right away.

They are the very best clinic, when it comes to relieving pain, renewing your skin to look more youthful, and fully replenishing your health for longer and happier life. They help you feel better while saving money as they offer insurance plans that help you find the best way to finance your care. These are medical professionals that understand that just giving a patient more medications is not going to help them get any better. Each patient needs tailored medical care to help them reach optimal health. The ultimate goal at the end of the day is to make sure each patient has optimal health through nutrition, exercise, rest, chiropractic care, herbals, Tulsa stem cell, acupuncture, medications, it, and many other means as long as they are deemed appropriate and available.

Their Dr., Chad P Edwards, served in the U.S. Army as a drill Sgt., medic and preventive medicine specialist, flight surgeon, and dive medical officer. He is certified in family medicine by the American board of family medicine, and is definitely done what it takes to become the most knowledgeable and skilled Dr. in functional medicine for the citizens of Tulsa. Whether it be prolotherapy, skincare, lab work, chiropractic care, or IV nutritional therapies, he is definitely the right Dr. to help you get back to the health you want to reach. His services in functional medicine are patient centered, individual-based, as he seeks the root cause for disease, and spends more time with his patients. This is so important as we are seeing a sharp rise in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, mental illness, and autoimmune diseases in the world.

It’s time to stop losing sleep at night because you are in so much pain. You can definitely get rid of this pain in your knees, with the services of Tulsa stem cell and much more from Revolution Health. Dr. Chad P Edwards and his staff are more than willing to help you do what needs to be done to get back to great health. Let them help you replenish your health, renew your skin, and get rid of any pain. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 918-935-3636 to get them on the other end of your phone.

This content was written for Revolution Health

Tulsa’s Best Services for Stem Cell.

Are you in the Tulsa area in seeking medical services to get rid of your pain? Are you interested in Tulsa stem cell services to help get rid of your knee pain? Maybe you know that you need a doctor but not sure how to start looking for the best one. You can definitely stop searching now as I tell you about the great functional medicine and medical services provided at Revolution Health. Visit their website right now at for more satisfying information.

It’s time to let Revolution Health get you back in gear and where you want to be as far as health. They are Tulsa’s very best medical facility for the replenishment of health, renewal of skin, and healing of pain. They have built a very great reputation in the Tulsa area for their services and continue to uphold it by over satisfying their patients in helping them live pain free lives. It hasn’t been hard for them to beat out their competition at all as they make sure that their services are absolutely unmatched. Let them prove to you why they are Tulsa’s best.

Revolution Health delivers the very best of medical services with an approach to functioning medicine that is the most natural and holistic. With the services you can receive longer appointments with your doctor, there is more of an individual based care for Tulsa stem cell and more, your doctor will see the root cause for your disease, or medical issue and spend more time making sure you as the patient are okay. This is very different in the approach of traditional medicine which is more centered on the disease, as they seek to management the disease instead of looking for the root cause. Traditional medicine is population-based as well and you will definitely have short appointments as they are dictated by your insurance reimbursement. This means that at Revolution Health, the care is focus more on you as the patient and not so much what your insurance will cover.

Traditional medicine ultimately lacks the tools and methodology to properly identify complex and chronic diseases for the people of the 21st century. Functional medicine is so very important as we are experiencing a sharp increase in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and mental illnesses on a daily basis. These medical professionals focus on functional medicine which is understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of these chronic and complex diseases. It is very important that each part of the body work in harmony with with the rest of the parts. This means that if you change one part it will definitely affect the others.

It’s great to be able to sleep better at night knowing that you have the right doctors to help you get towards the level of health that you want to achieve. These are the professionals that get to the root of your illness or disease instead of just managing it. Optimize your health through nutrition, exercise, chiropractic care, herbals, and so many other methods deemed available and appropriate. Come to the facility where there is a natural and holistic approach to functional medicine to better help you heal and get back to great health. Pick up the phone and dial 918-935-3636 to get this great medical help.