Get the Tulsa Medical Care You Need

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

This content was written for Revolution Health.

Get the Tulsa Medical Care You Need.

Are you tired of getting the least amount of sleep due to knee or back pain? Do you think Tulsa stem cell medical services with help you but not sure what Dr. you need? Are you interested in doctors that use more natural ways of healing accident just piling on a bunch of medications? You will definitely feel right at home with the medical services provided by the great medical professionals at Revolution Health. If you’re still interested in want more information, visit their website at

Have you ever had a medical issue and seen a doctor and received prescription medications? Have you had situations were you told your doctor that you are healed but they told you to go ahead and continue taking the rest of the medicine until it was gone? These professionals at Revolution Health deliver the best of medical care and understand very well that there is no need to continue taking a medication after you have been healed. They have the flexibility to prescribe efficient medications when needed to help optimize your physiology and improve your health. All their worried about is making sure that their patients receive optimal health through herbals, rest, exercise, nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic care, medications, and much more.

You can get the very best of Tulsa stem cell, prolotherapy, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, skincare, chiropractic care, and functional medicine services with Revolution Health. They understand how important it is to provide the option of functional medicine with medical care to their patients. There is a rapidly increasing rate of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, and so much more medical problems in our world today. You need a doctor does going to spend more time making sure that you reach optimal health and use more tailored medical services to best fit you as the patient. This is why they evaluate each and every patient using a holistic approach.

To understand the body is to understand that you cannot effect one part of the body without it affecting the others. This is why each part of the body must work together in harmony. When all of these systems are working perfectly. This is how you reach optimal health. Functional medicine is so much better than traditional medicine because traditional medicine is population-based, meaning that the care is not specifically tailored to the patient. Traditional medicine also has a primary focus on managing your disease instead of getting to the root cause and getting rid of it.

Is definitely time to get on over to the professionals at Revolution Health and let them help you work towards optimal health right away. Whether you need services and prolotherapy, skincare, Tulsa stem cell, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, lab work, and much more, you can get the services you need. Even if you need IV nutritional therapy as well, you will definitely see great results, and are guaranteed to feel better. They can’t help you start towards your journey of optimal health until you reach out to them and make the first step. Don’t waste any time and pulling out your phone and given them a call at 918-935-3636.

This content was written for Revolution Health

Dr. Chad Edwards For Revolution Health

Are you a patient in the Tulsa area that is tired of the clinic that you have been going to? Does it seem like a doctors just giving you more medications which are not getting better? Are you looking for doctors with more natural ways to heal patients? Dr. Chad P Edwards at Revolution Health is definitely looking for patients like you, when it comes to areas of prolotherapy, Tulsa, stem cell, skincare, and so much more. Visit their easy and accessible website at today.

Revolution Health is mostly known as Tulsa’s best in number one solution when it comes to functional medicine and medical care. They take the most natural and holistic approach to functional medicine as they are the best facility in Tulsa that does not take a traditional approach to medicine. Traditional medicine does not possess the tools and methodology to properly seek out and identify complex and chronic diseases in the 21st century. You need the clinic that takes the best approach to functional medicine as they offer their patients longer appointments, more individually-based medical procedures, and the best care as they seek the root cause of your illness or disease, and get rid of it permanently. There is no better clinic with an approach to functional medicine than that of Revolution Health.

Functional medicine also promotes the the body’s natural healing processes and this is why the professionals find the best wasting of their patients through rest, exercise, herbals, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and other natural ways that are deemed appropriate available. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they don’t believe in medications as they help patients through medication and Tulsa stem cell as well. These professionals understand that after the problem has been solved, there is no need to continue taking the medications. They also understand that each and every part of the body must work in harmony with the rest of the body parts. This means that you can’t change one part of the body without it in some way affecting the other parts.

Dr. Chad P Edwards believes in helping his patients replenish their health, renew their skin, and ultimately relieve their pain. They offer the very best ways to feel better, live better, and save money simultaneously. Whether you need prolotherapy, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, IV nutritional therapy, skincare, and much more, you are guaranteed to receive the best of services with the medical professionals at Revolution Health. There is no need to continue wondering why you’re so tired and fatigued all the time. Come in to the medical professionals with a natural approach to functional medicine that care.

Now you know what Dr. to come to for the very best of Tulsa stem cell services, and any other medical services. He understands the need for doctors that take a more natural approach to functional medicine. No one wants to spend their life, taking all kinds of medications them ever getting better. Let them help you get rid of your pain, replenish your health, and youthfully renew your skin right away. All you have to do to take the first step is simply pick up the phone and out the numbers 918-935-3636 today to get started.