Tulsa sports injury relief

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Tulsa sports injury relief

This content was written for Revolution health

Tulsa sports injury relief is right around the corner if you’ve ever been injured playing sports. If you’re fed up with Dr. visits just giving you more medication, then Revolution health is the place for you. They are highly qualified staff and treatment options are perfect for getting you back on your feet and back to your life in no time. These highly trained doctors understand how the human body works and the harmony within each part of the body. Obtaining optimal health requires optimal functioning of all the systems and parts of the body. Revolution health understands this and their goal is to evaluate, determined and correct. So if you’re in pain and in need of help call them at 918-935-3636.

Revolution health has been so successful in relieving Tulsa sports injury that they had been featured on many TV stations. These include news Channel 8, Channel 2 news, the News on 6, and News Channel 9. They have also been publications such as the Tulsa World, Tulsa Lifestyle Magazine, and Tulsa lifestyle. Medical director and founder, Chad P Edwards, DO, has also been interviewed on many radio stations including KTLR radio in Oklahoma City, and KR NG radio.

Dr. Chad P Edwards worked worked as an emergency physician in several hospitals and is certified in family medicine. Dr. Edwards is not only the medical director and founder of Revolution health but it’s also medical director for the patriot clinics. These clinics specializing in traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder. He recognized the need for a truly functional medicine clinic here in Tulsa and he pays special attention to sports medicine and health injuries and prevents injury risk and decreases disease.

A PRN, Courtney Garner is a leader in sex hormone, adrenaline, and thyroid management. Her unique approach to these issues has made her a very sought after specialists. She has joined Dr. Edwards at Revolution health in restoring lives after Tulsa sports injury. They both share a common goal in helping people be relieved of pain through other than just medicine and invasive surgeries.

No matter how much in pain you are the doctors at Revolution health is here to help you. Their expertise in natural medicine, and Prolotherapy, help people relieve their pain and injuries naturally and effectively. They know how to help you get rid of your pain and keep the pain away for good. So call and schedule an appointment for your injury today. Because why would you want to live with the pain when the doctors at Revolution health can help you.

Tulsa sports injury relief

This content was written for Revolution health

If you are in sports, such as basketball softball for football, chances are you’ve probably sustained some kind of injury in your life due to sports. Tulsa sports injury relief can be found at Revolution health and Tulsa. The highly qualified and highly trained and educated doctors at Revolution health want to help you relieve your pain and get back into the sport that you love. At Revolution health they take the natural approach to medicine when helping you overcome your pain. If you’re ready to relieve your pain and be back out on the field give Revolution health of call and schedule an appointment with one of their amazing doctors at 918-935-2636.

The founder and medical director, Chad P Edwards, specializes in sports medicine and health injuries and the prevention of injury risk in sports. The other highly qualified doctor on staff is Courtney Garner, APRN. She and Dr. Edwards share a common goal in helping people relieve their pain naturally whenever possible to do so. They believe that regular medicine is only focused on curing and not focus on overall health care. They want to cure you of your pain but also help you to learn to continue your health and live pain-free. They teach you how to take care of your body so you will have to come back and see them.

These well-known renowned doctors have been trusted for Tulsa sports injury for many years. Tulsa has been raving about them in publications like the Tulsa World, and Tulsa Lifestyle Magazine. They have also been interviewed and had stories about them on news Channel 9, Channel 8, Channel 6, and Channel 2. Their natural approach to medicine and constant success in relieving pain has landed them on many talk shows and radio stations around Oklahoma. They certainly know what they’re doing and want to share that knowledge with you to live pain-free.

One extremely successful natural therapy that is used at Revolution health is known as prolotherapy. This type of therapy helps stimulate the body to heal itself. Injections of proliferate solution into the damaged areas helps the body to trigger its natural healing mechanisms. The process of this helps to bring more blood flow to the damaged areas which helps increase healing. If more medication and invasive surgeries do not sound like your cup of tea then visit Revolution health’s website and find out more about this incredibly natural procedure.

So visit Revolution health and get back on that field, or court and finish the game you started. Each and every day you live with the pain is another day that the sport you love hurts you. Don’t live with that anymore call Revolution health and schedule appointment with one of the doctors to help you figure out how your pain can be relieved the quickest. No one can make that decision but you so pick up the phone and call.