Tulsa Sports Injury | Pain Relief Without Surgery

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Tulsa Sports Injury | pain relief clinics

Are you struggling to find somebody to help you with your Tulsa sports injury or any of your other health concerns? Let revolution health take the stress out of your search provide you with the exceptional service available here. Our staff and Dr. Chad Edwards will be over to help you if you are dealing with bio identical hormone replacement or hormone treatment, serious pain, or malnutrition. We provide solutions to each of these problems for all of our customers.

It is well understood that anytime you have a Tulsa sports injury, that the recovery time afterward is long and painful, but it is not always have to be. Let our amazing staff show you how we are able to use prolotherapy to avoid any surgery or lead the gaps between your daily activity. Dr. Edwards is dedicated to helping each of our customers to get back to what they were doing a quick and easy manner. No longer will you have to worry about having a surgery, wearing a cast or brace, or having to wait to get back together things that you enjoyed most.

Not only are we able to take care of your Tulsa sports injury, but we also offer services to help you if you are needing the nutrients essential to your body, are looking for an aesthetic plan that fits your needs, or you have hormone issues that you feel we can help you correct. The science of our IV medicine helps to provide essential nutrients to our customers bodies to help them to recover, maintain healthy functionality, and build their immune system. We also offer Botox/fillers and personalize skincare products and plans to not only keep you feeling great but to ensure that you also look great.

Our professional staff is diligent and takes the time to get to know each one of our customers so that we know the exact needs that we need to help combat. We will always strive to create customize and personalize plans to meet your needs because we understand that you are a unique individual and that there is nobody else like you. Dr. Edwards will ensure that you receive the most exceptional service around to take care of your health and wellness concerns.

If you have any further questions or would like to better understand all the products and services that we are able to provide, we encourage that you check out our website at revolutionhealth.org. Our staff is eager and ready to provide you with the best service from the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in Oklahoma. So give us a call at (918) 935-3636 to send appointment and see all the many ways that we are able to help you.

Tulsa Sports Injury | pain relief without surgery

If you are ready to experience the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic to help you out with any of your health concerns or any of your Tulsa sports injury, then check out revolution health. Dr. Chad Edwards and the team here are ready to show you that we offer the most exceptional service and heavenly any of your health issues. We offer services ranging from bio identical hormone replacement to methods to relieve your pain to being able to deliver your body the most essential nutrients it needs through IVs.

Our staff understands how amazing it will be to offer a pain relief program after a Tulsa sports injury that does not involve surgery. Which is exactly what we are able to do whenever we offer our prolotherapy, which is backed by science that helps us to provide treatment for any of your injuries without requiring surgery. By taking out the surgery, Dr. Edwards is able to help you to get back to your daily routine with less pain and with a quicker recovery time. We all know how difficult it can be to the without a job or not able to do our daily tasks because of an injury.

In addition to helping you combat any Tulsa sports injury, we provide services at revolution health to help you with hormone treatment, skincare and Botox/fillers, and also IV nutrients. Many people may consider it strange to have nutrients delivered to the body through IVs, however, it is well understood and known that we as people do not always get the best nutrients or the most efficient nutrients that we need. Our staff also offer services to help out with any bio identical hormone replacement regardless of if you are a man or woman.

Dr. Edwards knows that each person is a unique individual in their own way and therefore require a unique plan of how to tackle their health and wellness concerns and needs. Revolution health will take the time to get to know each and every one of our customers, that way we are able to provide customized and personalized plans that accommodate them best. It is through this effort that we are able to become the best functional medicine clinic and Oklahoma. You know very well that you are not the same as any other customer, so why should a doctor give you the same advice as any other customer?

Are you ready for a personalized and customized experience? Do you want to receive exceptional service while also being treated as unique individual that you are? Give us a call at (918) 935-3636 so that we may set an appointment with you to understand your needs and develop a plan to best fit you. You want a better understanding about all the services that we make available to our customers, check out our website at revolutionhealth.org.