Overcoming a Tulsa Sports Injury

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Overcoming a Tulsa Sports Injury

This content was written for Revolution Health

Are you trying to find the best and easiest way to get rid of your Tulsa sports injury? You need the best establishment with the best specialists in the best procedures right? This is not a problem that and Dr. Edwards is ready to help you. Instead of letting it get worse you should get help at Revolution Health Tulsa. For any injury and healing contact Revolutionhealth.org as your best option.

Revolution Health has been doing their part in the community by helping patients get relief from their Tulsa sports injury through Dr. Chad P. Edwards. They focus on sports medicine, and health and wellness as strategy to optimize your health, decreased disease, and minimize injury risk. The staff at Revolution Health believe that when it comes to health is better to be proactive rather than reactive. They promote a proper lifestyle including exercise, nutrition, body composition, stress reduction, nutrition supplementation, as well as quitting smoking. They absolutely promote better health and want to do their best to prevent medical problems.

If you have had a Tulsa sports injury then Revolution Health guarantees outstanding results in pain relief and pain management. They can help you with traditional medical care where you will be prescribed medications and/or have surgery or more natural ways to get rid of back pain. It is very important and their staff understands that narcotic pain medications can come with several problems such as addiction, overdose, abuse, dependence, decrease effects due to side effects, and overall tolerance. This is why they always consider the best options before making the decision. They pride themselves on giving patients a better way to approach their chronic pain producing huge results of relief.

The staff at Revolution Health strive hard to improve the health of Americans by educating them on the proper lifestyle of fitness and nutrition.  Whether you’re back pain be from weight issues, that injury, or just lifting stuff use Revolution Health to relieve and/or manage your pain. They understand the importance it is that a person exercises and practices good nutrition and fitness. This promoted lifestyle prevents problems associated with acute or chronic pain. You know how pain can be prevented and treated at the source

So to get those discs in your back aligned call on Revolution Health. Get your health, lifestyle, and nutrition back on track and practice good health and fitness. It is absolutely the right clinic for you and your family. Time to do the single, most important thing you could ever do and that’s improve your health. Call Revolution health at 918-935-3636. He and his team are standing by and waiting for your call. Set up your first consultation today!

Revolution Health for Tulsa Sports Injury

This content was written for Revolution health

Are you having horrendous pain from a Tulsa Sports Injury? Are you in the Tulsa area? Are you scared of surgery? Well sounds like Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic is where you need to be. Start with Revolutionhealth.org the internet home of Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic. This website will get you more acquainted with what exactly we do at the clinic.

For patients having horrendous pain from a Tulsa Sports Injury but do not want a surgical procedure there is an alternative. Here at Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic we offer prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical pain  alternative to treat back pain and herniated discs of the back. You may have been told that surgery was your only option but that’s why Revolution Health is the better option. Get an expert opinion from one of our physicians before excepting that surgery is the only option.

Your doctor or physician might tell you that surgery is the only way to effectively eliminate your back pain, but what they don’t tell you is 1 out of 10 patients will have their pain resurface and need surgery again. Our Tulsa Sports Injury procedure proves to be better fitting for the length of back health if a procedure must be done. This is why coming into the clinic and discussing your situation with our physicians and doctors is the best choice. Our doctors have helped so many patients get rid of their back pain with prolotherapy. You’d be surprised how many of our patients feel like they never had any pain at all.

There are video testimonials from plenty of our patients on Revolutionhealth.org that have expressed how great it is to be pain free after our doctors performed prolotherapy on their backs. Check out their stories of 100% recovery rates, excellent MRI results prior to the procedure, and emotional accounts of finally being able to live life again. These testimonies will brighten your day and make you feel more comfortable about going with Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic to finally get rid of your horrendous back pain. I bet you never thought you would hear a story of someone going from terribly horrendous back pain, to just a little bit of soreness in 24 hours, to full recovery within 10 days. This is what Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic can definitely do for you.

So again if you’re having horrendous back pain, and don’t believe in and/or are scared of surgery. Revolution health has the alternative for you when looking for a solution from a Tulsa sports injury. We can definitely get rid of that pain and let you get back to your normal life. Isn’t that what you want? Give us a call at 918-935-3636 or of course, go to Revolutionhealth.org. Call today and set up your first consultation, they are ready to help elimate your pain.