What Flu Season?

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

What Flu Season?

This content was written for Revolution Health.

At Revolution Health you can get so many amazing procedures and methods that are going to help you stay healthy during any type of season at all, or any type of bug it seems to be going around, people are going to say are you ready for the flu season, and you are going to save what flu season? You do not have to be concerned, because you are getting amazing herbs and natural substances, and even IV therapies from Revolution Health and you feel incredible, and you know that your immune system is where it needs to be. Call Dr. Edwards to set up an appointment Revolution Health by dialing 918-935-3636.

Dr. Chad Edwards at revolution health can make sure that you are ready for flu season, or any type of random bug that seems to be coming around all too often by making sure that your immune system is where it needs to be, and you are ready to fight it off. All you have to do is use Revolution Health because of the amazing IV therapies that he has, that are going to make sure that your immune system is posted, it is where it needs to be, that your nutrients are all where they need to be, the you are not exhausted or tired or run down. Also these IV therapies can give you energy as well, which is a huge benefit. All of this, and I haven’t even gone into detail about Tulsa prolotherapy yet

Dr. Edwards can provide you with some pretty amazing Tulsa prolotherapy that can help you get rid of pain, and a natural way as well. If you are stuck inside, because you are constantly in pain, and you are a free to move, you are also more susceptible to getting the flu, or other symptoms, because your immune system is busy trying to heal itself, all of the effort is going to fight off the pain, and not worry about sickness. Tulsa prolotherapy helps speed up the healing process that the body are the naturally does, by injecting something, and making your body focus on the pain that you have. This is a natural substance of being injected, and it is incredible because it irritates that area to make the body more aware of the pain that you are experiencing.

You need make sure that you are completely healthy, so healthy in fact, that you are not going to be affected by every single little bug or flu that comes around. People are going to save polar go get your flu shot, the flu seasons coming up, and you are not going to even be worried about it because you went to Revolution Health and you are ready, you are ready for the flu season, you are ready, you are healthy, because you are in your optimal health, the most optimal health that there is. And even do all of this a Revolution Health which even accept most major insurance plans

If you want to go to place it’s going to be able to provide you with amazing herbs, and natural substances is going to keep you healthy for longer, you need to call Revolution Health today at 918-935-3636 and set up an appointment with Dr. Edwards so he can start helping you. He can even tell you what type of foods that you should be eating, to continue on your most optimal health journey.

Save The Testosterone!

This content was written for Revolution Health

This one’s for the men, because they can actually be losing up to 2% of their testosterone levels every single year, and you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to save the testosterone! You need to replenish your testosterone levels, and you can with Revolution Health. Dr. Chad Edwards is the professional that you need to be going to, and talking to about this, because he can help you with your testosterone needs, he can help stop the loss, and replace your testosterone levels, which in turn is going to give you your energy back. When you lose your testosterone, your energy goes with it, so get one back, get the other back, all by calling Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health by calling 918-935-3636.

Dr. Edwards can also provide you with more than just testosterone replenishment, although that is a pretty huge benefit all by itself, Dr. Edwards can also provide Tulsa prolotherapy. Tulsa prolotherapy is a method, and a procedure that Dr. Edwards has, where he can inject a natural occurring substance into your body to cause inflammation which then in turn makes your body hone in on your pain, the area of your pain so it is able to focus on healing that particular spot. This is pretty incredible, and this is something that Revolution Health can provide you with, the moment you decide you are interested in Tulsa prolotherapy.

Revolution Health is a place where you can go also the IV therapies, and he can know what those are those are different methods for you can get rid of stress, and you can not feel is tired, get rid of exhaustion, and replenish the nutrients in your body that gets wiped out during things like sickness. Dr. Edwards understand how the body works, he understands how it all works together, and he wants to impart this knowledge on to you, so you can understand that as well. Then you will realize the incredible benefits of doing things like natural substances in hurts that he can provide you with. Even eating the right food place a vital role on our health.

If you want to keep your health healthy You want to make sure that you are constantly going to be healthy, so you are not just stuck inside, feeling poor or missing out on life’s major events the you need to call Revolution Health so Dr. Edwards can help you. He wants to provide you with anything that he can to make sure that you get help, the best way possible. He knows that the body can heal itself, that’s why he wants to offer prolotherapy, the natural way to heal, instead of having to rely on medications for pain, and things like that.

Give Dr. Edwards a call today at 918-935-3636 so you can schedule appointment at Revolution Health with him. He wants to help you, he really and honestly does, and all it takes is for you to set up an appointment with him, so he can. He can teach you, he can show you all of the different things that he has, and most importantly he can help you. He can help you be healthy, so call him.