Tulsa prolotherapy | More gain, no pain.

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Tulsa prolotherapy | Pain relief is a phone call away .

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

Revolution health and wellnes is a brand-new way to do approach your health through a holistic approach. Dr. Chad Edwards visit osteopathic physician practicing here in Tulsa Oklahoma and runs revolution health and wellness clinic at 12142 S. Yukon Ave. Glenpool, Oklahoma 74033. His main interest is functional medicine and that is obtained through a holistic and hands-on approach with his patients. He is the premier Tulsa prolotherapy Dr. and his pain management is otherworldly. You won’t believe your eyes or your body after you leave revolution health and wellness pain-free and in better shape than when you entered. Dr. Edwards main goal is to be able to optimize your health through all available means including exercise, nutrition, rest, herbals, medications, acupuncture, chiropractic in many other means at his disposal.

There are many doctors that practice pain management here in Tulsa, but none do it more completely and thoroughly in Tulsa prolotherapy Dr. Edwards. He is extremely committed to delivering the highest quality services patience and will get to the root cause of your illness and not just put a Band-Aid over it, kiss your boo-boo and send you on your way. He is a different type of Dr. and as his clinic implies he is revolutionizing the way health and wellness is viewed here in Tulsa Oklahoma. I highly suggest you go on to their website www.revolutionhealth.org and check out his podcast or read some testimonials from past clients and see exactly what makes Dr. Chad Edwards so different from every other Tulsa prolotherapy Dr.

You may have seen revolution health and wellness on the news or newspaper as he is peered in multiple segments and writeups including; Tulsa world, news channel 8, news channel 9, KRMG radio, news on six, channel 2 news, and channel 8 news just to name a few of the different venues he has appeared on. Revolution health and wellness is your Tulsa prolotherapy clinic. Revolution health and wellness clinic evaluates each and every patient using a holistic approach to healing. They deeply understand that every part of the human body functions in harmony together, much like a machine functions with the use of many other Cox to keep the whole thing turning effectively and efficiently. We understand that the function of every body part affects all the others in one way or another. Our bodies were designed magnificently and cohesively, we are still to this day trying to understand how the body operates as smoothly as it does.

Dr. Chad Edwards and his staff know that if they affect one system it will affect another system in the body, every dysfunction has a cause. If there is a dysfunction it becomes imperative that Dr. Chad Edwards be able to identify the exact source of where this dysfunction is an builder cracked it in order to get you back to health functionality. There is no way to treat a manifestation of his dysfunction such as diabetes or hypertension with medications alone without addressing the root cause of the problem. If you’re looking for the premier Tulsa prolotherapy center, look no further than Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution health and wellness.

So what are you waiting for go check out their website at www.revolutionhealth.org in view their extensive website, with great information and testimonials. Or give Dr. Chad Edwards and his office a call at (918) 935-3636. They can’t wait to help you begin your journey to health.

Tulsa prolotherapy | More gain, no pain.

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

More gain, no pain. Dr. Chad Edwards Tulsa prolotherapy once you to gain more of life without the pain. Dr. Edwards is a outstanding osteopathic physician who practices here in Tulsa Oklahoma at Revolution health and wellness clinic located at 12142 S. Yukon Ave. Glenpool, Oklahoma 74033. He has been serving this community faithfully for some time now and once you to come and be his next patient and his holistic approach to health. His main goal in medicine is functionality all the while using a holistic system. Revolution health and wellness once you optimize your help do any and all available means including nutrition, rest, herbals, egg, exercise, medications, chiropractic it any other means in his deep arsenal of holistic approaches, Dr. Chan Edwards is the go to Tulsa prolotherapy clinic.

Here at Revolution health clinics their goals to be able to evaluate each and every patient walks their door using a revolutionary holistic hands-on approach. They truly understand how every part of the human body works in perfect harmony with every other body part, much like a well functioning and oiled machine, every part of the function to better serve the main unit. If you’re looking for Tulsa prolotherapy know you found it here at Revolution health and wellness. There is no way that you can’t affect change on one system in the body without affecting something else every physiological is at the root it is the goal of Dr. Chad Edwards in the ID field corrected timely manner in order to optimize its functionality.

You simply cannot treat a manifestation of said dysfunction with medication alone, but you must address the root cause of the problem in order to finally put it to rest. Revolution health and wellness is the premier Tulsa prolotherapy clinic and wants to put your pain behind you. Modern day medicine has turned to a reactive and sick based industry. What this means is that people do not take medicine until they are sick or need it. With a holistic approach they use a proactive approach to medicine by eating healthy, exercising and drinking plenty of water. Food is medicine, or at least it used to be ever since genetically modified organisms have taken over the food market is getting extremely hard to find heirloom fruits and vegetables. You must understand that nobody in the world has pain because they have a hydrocodone deficiency, nobody has acid reflux because of a purple pill deficiency and nobody gets cancer because they are deficient in chemotherapy. How ridiculous is this sound?! Well the ridiculous as it sounds this many people think the way medicine works.

You simply cannot go and get a prescription to a pile of pills and think that your symptoms will be cured. Yes your symptoms may be cured but the root cause still exists and that is where Dr. Chad Edwards in his highly trained staff at Revolution health and wellness come into play. They will work diligently to be able to identify your source of dysfunction and be able to corrected in order to help you live the most healthy and beneficial life available. He is extremely dedicated to his cause and his holistic approach to healing is changing the way people think of doctors. In order to obtain optimal health requires optimal functioning of every single one of the body systems. The main goal at Revolution health and wellness is to be able to evaluate the body systems, to determine dysfunctions and be able to correct them efficiently and effectively for good.

If you have any questions for Dr. Chad Edwards and his staff please reach out to them at (918) 935-3636 or visit their website www.revolutionhealth.org and check the list of full services they offer to their patients. So what you waiting for call or visit 12142 S. Yukon Ave. Glenpool, Oklahoma 74033 to get your first appointment scheduled today and get back to living your best life.