Tulsa Prolotherapy | Is Prolotherapy Better Than Surgery?

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Tulsa Prolotherapy | what is prolotherapy?

You’re found it difficult to get back into your daily routine after an injury because of the surgery that was required following it? Do you wish that there is an easier way for you to ease back into your daily tasks without a long and painful recovery period? Dr. Chad Edwards at revolution health is able to provide you with Tulsa prolotherapy to help out with your health and wellness needs. Our staff will also help to deliver services that will benefit you in many other ways. We guarantee that you will see why we are considered the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic.

Tulsa prolotherapy is a way for you to be able to recover from injury without having to go through any longer painful surgery. We understand that not every injury is serious or requires surgery, so we have found new methods to treat minor and lesser injuries without a lengthy or painful recovery period. Not only are surgeries going to be painful and inconvenient, but often times you end up having to wear a cast or brace and are put out of work or any physical activity for a given time. But our staff is happy to help you manage your injuries without any inconvenience.

Along with the Tulsa prolotherapy that we are able to help you with, at revolution health we offer services to deal with IV medicine, products for your appearance, and also bioidentical hormone treatments. Armies and staff is able to help you to get the nutrients that are essential to your body for recovery and maintenance and also to help support your system through IVs. We are also able to offer you know talk/fillers as well as simple skincare treatments and plans to fit your needs. Each customer comes to realize that we offer exceptional service and we truly care about them and want to help them.

Dr. Chad Edwards and our team provide you with such exceptional service that we dedicate the time to get to know you so that we are best able to accommodate your health and wellness needs. The advice and plans that we come up with for each of our customers are all customized and personalized to help them reach their goals. We understand that all of our customers are unique individuals and that no one else is going to be the same as them. That is why we take the time to get to know you and create a unique, individual plan just for you.

If you have any further questions would like to learn a little more about the services offered at revolution health check out our website at revolutionhealth.org. Dr. Edwards and our amazing staff are ready to help you feel your exact health and wellness. So give us a call at (918) 935-3636 to set up your appointment today.

Tulsa Prolotherapy | is prolotherapy better than surgery?

Are you looking for place that offers you Tulsa prolotherapy because you are unwary about the need for surgery for your injury? Do you need help with bioidentical hormone replacement or hormone treatments, help relieving pain, or even help getting your body the essential nutrients that it truly needs? Let Dr. Chad Edwards and the staff at revolution health provide you with exceptional service and getting you what you need. We want to help you get back to being the healthy individual you once were so that you may enjoy the most out of your life.

Have you been looking for an alternative to the surgery? Are you curious as to what Tulsa prolotherapy is an if it is better than surgery? Our staff and team what to help ensure that you are getting the best treatment for your injury possible. Prolotherapy is a revolutionary method to help people with minor and lesser injuries, that don’t require surgery, to get back to their daily lives quicker and with less pain. Surgeries are lengthy so are the recovery periods afterward, but not always necessary for something that’s not very serious.

Not only can you find Tulsa prolotherapy at revolution health and wellness, but Dr. Edwards provides all of our customers with a variety of services to help all of their health and wellness needs. Whether your concerns are hormone treatment and regulation, a lack of nutrients that are essential for your body’s functioning, or you’ve been looking into Botox and fillers we have an answer for you. We used bioidentical hormone replacement and IV medicine to help our customers keep themselves and their bodies feeling great.

Our amazing staff dedicates the time that it takes to truly get to know each one of our customers, that way we are able to accommodate to their exact needs. You are all unique individuals, therefore your plan has to be unique as well to attack on your health and wellness concerns. You’ll notice at revolution health that we come up with customize and personalized plans and treatments to meet your individual needs. No one person receives the same advice or the same plan.

Give us a call at revolution number to let us know how we can best serve you and to help you with your health and wellness concerns. Set up an appointment or check out our website at revolutionhealth.org to see why we are constantly getting the highest reviews for all the service that we offer to our customers. There you also find our customer testimonies it will inform you about the amazing experience that they had here.