And Ultimate Increase of Your Health.

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

This content was written for Revolution Health and Wellness.

And Ultimate Increase of Your Health.

Are you getting older and you feel that is time to get more serious about your health? Are you dealing with pain in your everyday life and are seeking a way to permanently get rid of it? You may want to get your skin replenished and renew to a youthful and shiny feel and look. Even if you need medical services in Tulsa prolotherapy, you can get all of your health needs fulfilled at Revolution Health and Wellness. Visit their website at for more information today.

Revolution Health and Wellness is Tulsa’s number one health facility for replenishing your health, getting rid of pain, and renewing your skin. They have built a reputation as being the best health with a natural and holistic approach to functional medicine. They are also the lead clinic for services in prolotherapy, which is treatment for musculoskeletal pain. If you have been dealing with musculoskeletal pain due to ligament and tendon relaxation and that means they are damaged and unstable. At Revolution Health and Wellness, they use the process of injection of a proliferative solution into your ligaments and tendons to stimulate an inflammatory response and promote the body’s natural healing.

At Revolution Health and Wellness. They understand that the body was designed to survive, adapt, and heal. Every system and part of the human body works together in harmony, and you can’t change one without affecting the others. This is why they take the necessary time to evaluate your body’s physiology, find any dysfunction at its core root, and correct the problem immediately with Tulsa prolotherapy, and many other medical procedures. They understand that obtaining optimal health requires all optimal functioning of the body’s systems. They are not a clinic that is going to keep giving you more medications as that will not make you healthier.

What they can do for you, is adding natural remedies to your medications to promote healthy healing and optimal health and keep whatever disease or illness you have from getting worse. Their osteopathic physician, Dr. Chad Edwards, has a primary interest in functional medicine with a natural and holistic approach. He makes it his everyday goal to bring patients optimal health through exercise, rest, nutrition, herbals, acupuncture, chiropractic, medications, and any other means deemed as available and appropriate. He has a special expertise in knowing what natural remedies to add to your medications to help you heal and improve your health faster, and then eliminate the medication. This is an approach to medicine that makes Revolution Health and Wellness stand out above, traditional, naturopathic, and Western medicine clinics.

It is absolutely important that we have optimal health and wellness and Revolution Health and Wellness is fulfilling that need. Come to the Tulsa clinic that is doing the best it can to help their patients optimize their health, live painless lives, and replenish and renew their skin. This is a clinic where you receive more one-on-one time with your doctor and have someone that actually listens to your issues and concerns about Tulsa prolotherapy. The staff at Revolution Health and Wellness are very friendly and welcoming to new patients and always available to answer any questions you may have. Call to make your first appointment today at 918-935-3636.

This content was written for Revolution Health and Wellness.

Your Tulsa Prolotherapy at Its Best.

Have you been living with pain in your daily life, but are scared of surgery? Have you been temporarily pacifying the pain because you dread going to the doctor him? Or do you simply just want to optimize your health so that you can live a longer and better life? You should come see the great staffing professionals at Revolution Health and Wellness. To find out why they are the best in Tulsa prolotherapy, visit their website today at

Revolution Health and Wellness is Tulsa’s saving grace when it comes to pain management and optimal health. When it comes to anything regarding your weight, nutrition, exercise, pain management, medication renewals and refills, skincare, and much more, your one-stop shop is Revolution Health and Wellness. They can help get you not only back to normal but to optimal health and wellness. You may have bad back pain, knee pain, or neck pain, but the professionals at Revolution Health and Wellness can help you with a nonsurgical approach to pain relief and management called prolotherapy. It simply stimulates the body to heal itself in getting rid of underlying issues that cause pain.

When it comes to skincare, they are great at identifying issues and damage in your skin which are usually either glycation, inflammation, oxidation, or UV damage. They can help you reverse and reduce damage of the skin with their complete line of the highest quality of pharmaceutical grade skincare products. These products can help you optimize your skin health and bring in more youthful and shiny look and feel to your skin. Their mission is to make sure their patients feel better, live better, and live pain-free lives as they save money in the process. This is why they are the best health and wellness clinic to perform Tulsa prolotherapy for the people of Tulsa.

You must understand how the body works through its parts and systems to know how to specifically obtain optimal health for yourself. Each system and part of the body works together in harmony to achieve 100% great health. Knowing that you can’t change one system or part of the body without it affecting the others is very important. At Revolution Health and Wellness, they take time to evaluate your body systems and identify any problems at their root. This enables them to get down to the the main source of the problem and get rid of it permanently.

They also understand that surgery and prescription medications are not always the best answer or the only option. You should come to the health and wellness clinic that uses natural remedies and a more natural and holistic approach to functional medicine before simply deciding on surgery or prescription drugs. You not going to get a position that is going to prescribe you appeal and send you to a specialist at Revolution Health and Wellness. They care for their patients and provide them with a more positive and family oriented environment and other medical clinics. Find out how to experience this wonderful health and wellness service by calling them today at 918-935-3636.