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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

All Natural Route

This content was written for Revolution Health and Wellness.

By utilizing Tulsa prolotherapy services you are going all natural route for healing. These services are provided expertly by Dr. Chad Edwards. He is the owner and founder of Revolution Health and Wellness. This company has been seen on Tulsa World, News Channel 8, 2 News Works for You, News on 6, KRMG, and News Channel 9. You can trust the doctor Chad Edwards is all about carrying on the vision of treating the patient with actual proven traditional medicine. He wants to provide you with a solution to deal with the actual symptoms you’re struggling with. Prior to being a clinician in Tulsa he attended the University of Oklahoma State where he earned his BS and Exercise and Sports Medicine. He then went on to attend medical school at Oklahoma State University as well. If you are interested to find out about this revolutionary new procedure give his office a call at 918-935-3636.

It is so much more beneficial for you to at least go the natural route 1st. Instead of going straight to another clinic whether just going to provide you with some sort of pill to deal with your symptoms. This Tulsa prolotherapy service is all about causing your body to heal itself naturally. Instead of putting a bunch of things inside your body they could potentially be hazardous. The goal of Dr. Chad Edwards is to introduce method of helping with musculoskeletal treatment for pain actually

Instead of introducing a bunch of foreign substances into your body. It is his desire to help the body create a natural healing stimuli. The body wants to heal itself and so Dr. Chad Edwards only helps to stimulate that through his services. Is the prolotherapy that helps the body to be triggered to heal itself. This is extremely advantageous for the person who prefers a more natural type of treatment.

Slowly but surely this process is becoming more accepted in the medical community. Whereas in the past this is the type of thing that would be considered more of a nontraditional type of medicine. However, with all the staggering results coming back about how effective prolotherapy really is becoming more accepted. If you would like to try out a service that is proven to be more effective in some cases than other types of treatments then contact Dr. Chad Edwards at his office.

He would love to explain to you what makes his services so remarkable. He is very passionate about providing a type of treatment that makes his patients feel better about their choices for medical assistance. He was also help you save money. All of his procedures are functional and aim to provide a noninvasive type of treatment they can help the body create a natural healing stimuli. So if you’re in the market for a need of musculoskeletal pain relief contact Dr. Chad Edwards at 918-935-3636. After you’ve gone through this procedure most likely you will become a believer as well.

Save Money and Feel Better

This content was written for Revolution Health and Wellness.

If you’re looking for a procedure that can help you save money and fill better why not try Tulsa prolotherapy? This is a procedure that helps the body to create a natural healing response itself. This procedure is performed expertly by the one and only Dr. Chad Edwards. He is the medical director and founder of Revolution Health and Wellness. This is a type of clinic the aims to provide his patients with a cost-effective type of medical treatment. However, you will sacrifice the quality of medical treatment. If anything he provides you with a more high quality experience than most other clinics. As a result his clinic has been featured on Tulsa World, News Channel 8, 6 News, 2 News, and News Channel 9. He is a dedicated professional and is great at helping his patients relieve their pain. To find out exactly how the prolotherapy process works contact his office at 918-935-3636.

Instead of putting yourself through a process of going to a clinic where they are actually going to try to treat your musculoskeletal pain choose Revolution Health and Wellness. You can trust these professionals namely led by Dr. Chad Edwards is going to do everything in her power to help relieve your pain. That is why a process such as Tulsa prolotherapy is such a great thing. This is the type of procedure that can help you to be free from the pain that you fill in your skeletal system and muscles.

It is also nice to know that Tulsa prolotherapy is a completely noninvasive procedure. It is very safe and very easy to perform. This means that you’re not going to have a bunch downtime as a result of having your procedure performed. So instead of going under the knife or going to a doctor and getting a bunch of medication prescribed to you why not utilize the natural route 1st. At least do yourself a favor and educate yourself about all the medical options that are out there for you.

Another great benefit utilizing the services of Dr. Chad Edwards is that he is more cost-effective. This means that you’re going to keep more money in your pocket when you go to him. It is also advantageous to know the by going the natural route you’re creating natural stimuli in the body that would naturally occur to heal itself. Instead of going to Sonos and having a bunch of medications which is foreign to your body and causes strange responses. It is difficult to say exactly what these medications long-term effect would be.

To find out what makes prolotherapy so great give Dr. Chad Edwards a call today at 918-935-3636. He would love to sit down with you and explain you exactly how is prolotherapy treatment can work so well. He can give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. It is better to at least be informed and educated about what’s available to you then just go with the flow. There are so many people caught up in the medical system now that are not receiving the proper treatment.