Live healthy, happy with Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution Health Tulsa Oklahoma

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Live healthy, happy with Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution Health Tulsa Oklahoma

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Revolution Health specializes in prolotherapy and paste special close attention to providing sports medicine, health and wellness. Dr. Chad Edwards is an athlete himself and is currently active in several different styles of martial art. He not only understands the significance of being active and keeping your body active but the significance of injury. He has seen it time and time again of athletes, talented, dedicated and committed to the sport but have an accident that renders them completely useless on the field, court or in the gym. For most of them the door is completely closed and they will never set foot on the field again. But at Revolution Health we provide top Tulsa knee pain treatment and other chronic pain treatment of a nonsurgical nature.

Prolotherapy is for anyone who is totally reach the end of the line. It is for athletes who are not ready to give up but the options are dwindling down. They’ve tried physical therapy, doing it on their own and even have considered surgery. But what if there was a way that didn’t involve lying on operating table? What if there was a Tulsa knee pain treatment that could potentially rid you of most if not all of your chronic pain? That is exactly what Revolution Health brings to the table for every patient not just athletes. Dr. Chad Edwards is proud to provide prolotherapy treatment for those who are looking for another way to get back into the game.

But we know what you’re asking and we have an answer. Prolotherapy is a Tulsa knee pain treatment that involves injecting and irritate solution into the body. This weakens the connective tissue and causes a slight pain within the area. The pain then triggers and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The body knows to focus on that specific area because it is being irritated and ejecting more warnings throughout the body. Once the areas focused upon the body them against the heal it without medication or unnecessary surgery. It’s absolutely amazing the results that we have received and seen from the patients who walked in through our door. Can see more about our testimonials online.

Dr. Chad Edwards has a love for physical activity and the athletes looking for a way to renew their activity. He holds a Bachelor and Science and Exercise Science and Sport Medicine. He also attended medical school at Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences. If there is a man who knows what he’s talking about it’s going to be Dr. Chad Edwards he has a vision and a goal to completely revolutionized the way people think about health and chronic pain treatment. He wants to bring a safe, affordable and treatment that overdelivers results. He discusses and determines what the best possible treatment is whether be Tulsa knee pain treatment or something different.

We won’t argue that Revolution Health is not for everyone but we would encourage you to find out more about us online or visit our wellness clinic today. We want to get to know you and see if Revolution Health is going to be the right place for you to receive your treatment, knowledge and information about optimizing your health. Have a plan for your life and a strategy to enhance your life, your health and your wellness. Live happy, live healthy with Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution Health Tulsa Oklahoma. You won’t be disappointed the moment you walk in or pick up the phone a call Revolution Health.

Be the best you can be and receive the best Tulsa knee pain treatment at Revolution Health

This content was uploaded by Revolution Health and Wellness

Find a health and wellness clinic that cares about making you the best of the best. Most physicians simply hand you a prescribed medication and simply send you out the door to you get sick again. At Revolution Health we focus on the body as a whole and give you the ability to minimize injury risk, prevent disease and keep your body at the ultimate health. We also provide prolotherapy which one of the number one Tulsa knee pain treatments and other chronic pain treatments in the city. At Revolution Health we take care of you as a person and we take care of you as a patient. You can trust that you’re in good hands at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The founder of Revolution Health and Wellness graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University with Exercise Science and Sport Medicine degree. He also attended medical school at OSU College for Health Sciences. He is a former medical specialist with the US Army and also served as a special operations surgeon he is an athlete himself participating in several styles of martial arts since he was six and has achieved multiple ranks and many of the styles. His name is Dr. Chad Edwards and he is here to work for you. He’s there to provide you with the knowledge and the ability to step out of the natural health box into what he calls the ultimate health. There is a natural, safe and productive way to achieve the ultimate health.

No matter if you’re an athlete, a mom, dad or a teenager Revolution Health can provide you with the correct chronic pain treatment right here in Tulsa. It is a matter of your suffering and looking for Tulsa knee pain treatment or neck pain treatment. We provide top-quality physicians who know exactly what they’re doing and know how to treat you the moment you walk in. We also provide you with them ways and the natural supplements that have been approved by the FDA to start living that life of health and happiness. We focus on making all the body parts work together simultaneously just the way that they were designed. You can truly live natural nonmedicated healthy life. All you need to know is how.

The Tulsa knee pain treatment that we have talked about is called prolotherapy. Prolotherapy has been around for nearly a decade and has been widely supported by several physicians throughout the nation. Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical Tulsa knee pain treatment and provides treatments other chronic pain that you may be experiencing. Prolotherapy has been an outstanding opportunity for athletes to regain the use of their injured areas without having to go through surgery. Find out what prolotherapy has done for our clients please visit us online and watch our testimonials. You’ll be completely blown away by the results and the response that we have gotten from people who used to have chronic pain just like you.

Prolotherapy is the process of injection which stimulates the body to focus its healing mechanisms. The injection creates a small irritation within the injured area which then causes the body to focus specifically on that area and heal the pain that you been experiencing. Prolotherapy is safe and most importantly it’s affordable. Dr. Chad Edwards does everything he can to make sure that all of his clients and patients are taken care of. It’s true that prolotherapy is not covered by insurance but rest assured that the staff at Revolution Health is going to help you in every way that they can to make sure that you receive the best Tulsa knee pain treatment in the city. Find out more information about our services and our prices online today.

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