Step into a whole new way of living, thinking and breathing at Revolution Health Tulsa

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Step into a whole new way of living, thinking and breathing at Revolution Health Tulsa

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The founder of Revolution Health is Dr. Chad Edwards. Dr. Chad Edward specializes in prolotherapy treatments that have completely eliminated chronic pain in several patients that were experiencing Tulsa knee pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and elbow pain. He attended Oklahoma State University College of Health Sciences. He also earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma Baptist University. He has over two decades of medical experience and has worked in several hospitals as an emergency physician all over the nation. Dr. Chad Edwards is a passionate and physician who thinks outside of the box when it comes to health, treatment and making every patient the best that they can be. You’re in good hands when you go to Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma.

At Revolution Health we are looking to completely improve and eliminate the pain that you have been experiencing for years. We have had patients that have had over 30 years of chronic back pain and walked away painless after our prolotherapy treatments. We’ve had an 18-year-old girl with shoulder pain and now after a few prolotherapy treatments is playing softball again with absolutely no pain. You can read our testimonials on our website or our top ranked reviews online. Find out if prolotherapy is the right treatment for you. If you are at the end of your rope and there are no options left the perhaps the staff and dedicated Dr. Chad Edwards can bring resolution to your Tulsa knee pain or any chronic pain.

There is more information about prolotherapy on our website but we can explain the basic fundamentals of the treatment in this article. Prolotherapy is simply a way to stimulate the body to heal itself. They must understand the body already heals itself naturally. Prolotherapy gives the body a boost to heal the injured area faster and more effectively. Prolotherapy is the process of injecting a substance that is filled with chemicals and nutritions that irritate the selected area which causes the body to react the natural way. It allows the body to do what it already does but increases that and allows it to focus on the injured area. There been great results with prolotherapy and it is been featured in the Washington Post, the TV show The Doctors, and supported by Harvard Medical School.

Not only do we provide prolotherapy treatment for those are looking for but we also provide the knowledge and the information on how to get healthier. We truly want our patients to improve in their everyday lives and step into a whole new way of living, thinking and breathing. The revolution is change the way that you think about exercise, nutrition and other fundamentals that of keep your body systems working properly. We don’t rely a medication although it is prescribed. The goal is to get you off the medication and stepping into a natural way of living a healthy and active lifestyle. We treat the problems that are at the root cause rather than is handing out medication and sending our patients on their way. Dr. Chad Edwards is bring in a revolution to every patient, client in person that he comes in contact with.

Find out more about Dr. Chad Edwards online today at Revolution Health’s website. We encourage you to call for more information at 918 – 935 – 3636. We would help you regain your health and step into a whole new way of living. It’s true that a revolution is coming through the health industry and Dr. Chad Edwards is on the forefront of that revolution. Find out how to get healthier and be the best that you can be by calling the day. You’ll be so surprised how much better you feel, how much more you can do to keep your body moving and how further to go when she speak with our professional medical staff at Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic. We look forward to seeing you and treating you in Tulsa Oklahoma for your Tulsa knee pain and other chronic pain.

Change your life forever at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma

Dr. Chad Edwards holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Sport Medicine from Oklahoma Baptist University. He also attended medical school at Oklahoma State University and he completed residency at Womack Army Medical Center in North Carolina. He has worked as an emergency physician in several hospitals around the nation and he is a board certified in Family Medical by the America Board of Family Medicine. His number one goal is to bring wellness and health realization to everyone he comes in contact with. He is the founder of Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic. He steps up to help others achieve their dreams a feeling healthy again when all other doors have closed. You can find out more information about our treatments and Dr. Chad Edwards at

Step out of the normal health routine today. Speak with Dr. Chad Edwards and find out exactly what’s causing your disease or illness. Were normal physician simply fill out a prescription and give it to you, Dr. Chad Edwards focuses on what is causing the problem. He looks for the key component that is causing these dysfunctions and he corrected with the treatments that are provided. His number one goal is to get patients away from relying on medication. Although medication is sometimes necessary it does not make anyone healthier. He believes that there are natural and key components to producing a happy healthy lifestyle without the use of medication. Find out more by calling day at 918 – 935 – 3636. Change your life forever at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma.

One of the things that Dr. Chad Edwards focuses on his chronic pain. This can range from net pain, Tulsa knee pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain and others. He provides a nonsurgical treatment known as prolotherapy. Prolotherapy has been around since the 1930s, been featured on The Doctors, as the sport of Harvard Medical School and has been featured in the Washington Post. Prolotherapy is a great alternative for those who do not want to have surgery or cannot afford surgery. Prolotherapy is a safe nonsurgical alternative that is affordable right here at Revolution Health. Although the treatment is not covered by insurance Dr. Chad Edwards goes out of his way to make sure that his patients and his clients are taking care of in every aspect of the procedure.

Along with providing special treatments to Tulsa knee pain and other chronic pain Dr. Chad Edwards also focuses on the natural substances that increase health. Such citizens like herbs, foods, exercise, nutrition value, weight loss and other components that can cause the body systems to dysfunction. Your body was made as a whole and it functions as a whole. When one piece of the puzzle is damaged or dysfunctions the rest of the body reacts negatively. He focuses on the cube root problems and fixes them so that the rest of the body parts can function properly. He ties and all the body systems together so that they work in harmony like a well oiled machine and enhance your life and health dramatically.

We encourage you to go online to find out more information about Dr. Edwards, prolotherapy, our health benefits and our treatments online. We are looking to change lives and completely revolutionize the way people think about health. You don’t have to be stuck on medication the rest of your life. You don’t have to live in fear of having surgery. Give us a call today at 918 – 935 – 3636 to find out more information and have all of your questions answered by one of our full-time staff members. We encourage you to step up and change your life forever at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma. You don’t have to live with it Tulsa knee pain any longer or be sick anymore.

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