Relieve Yourself of Tulsa Knee Pain at Revolution Health

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Relieve Yourself of Tulsa Knee Pain at Revolution Health

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Revolution Health is a health and wellness clinic that provides the avenue for people to be as healthy as they can be. Dr. Chad Edward D.O. has a passion and a commitment to revolutionizing the way people think about health, nutrition and exercise. Dr. Chad Edward D.O. attended Oklahoma Baptist University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. You won’t find another doctor who is more committed or more serious about optimizing your health than Dr. Edwards D.O. He is a man who knows his stuff and he is the best guy in Tulsa Oklahoma if you’re looking to get healthier and be better. Relieve yourself of your Tulsa knee pain or any other chronic pain right here Revolution Health.

Revolution Health is dedicated to making sure that everyone is aware and fully in control of their lives. Dr. Chad Edward D.O. strongly believes in optimizing your health and not just writing you a prescription before sending you away. So many times doctors don’t look at the root of the problem. With Dr. Chad Edward D.O. he sits you down and talks with you one-on-one. He takes you through step-by-step learning and trying to understand the true root of the problem for your injury or your illness. Once he learns that, he can then put you on the path to living a healthier and happier lifestyle. He finds the reason you’re sick and then gives you the medication you need. But he does not believe in over medicating. He believes in letting the body do what it does naturally the best.

Did you know that our bodies are naturally designed to heal themselves? They were created and made to function in a certain way that includes healing itself after injury or illness. Dr. Chad Edward D.O. believes in utilizing this ability. He also focuses on making sure all the body systems work together properly and in harmony. He believes that each body functionality relies on another. He also knows that if we can get a patient’s body systems working together in one unit we can put every client on the road to being healthy and staying healthy for a good long while. Where other specialist focuses only on a certain problem we address the body as a whole and health as a whole.

One of the things that we specialize in is prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is an injection and creates a minor injury to stimulate the injured area and triggers the body’s natural process of healing itself. In the simplest of terms it speeds up the process that your body is already naturally going to do. Prolotherapy is the best nonsurgical alternative when it comes to chronic pain and your Tulsa knee pain. We believe that there’s a better solution than sitting on an operating table and having a surgery that could be avoided. Prolotherapy has worked for several of our patients including a man who had more than 30 years of chronic back pain. After prolotherapy treatments he walked away new, healthy and without pain.

Revolution Health encourages every client and future patients to find out more about us online. If you’re looking for a staff and a doctor who’s going to spend time with you and find out what’s really wrong with you then you need Dr. Chad Edward D.O. We tie all of your body systems together with a single goal of enhancing lifestyle improvement and bring you the natural health that lies within yourself. You’ll appreciate our approach of functional medicine instead of just normal sick care. Find out more about Revolution Health online today or give us a call at 918 – 935 – 3636.  Relieve yourself of your Tulsa knee pain at Revolution Health and Wellness clinic. We look forward to working with you and providing you the top treatment in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Dr. Chad Edward D.O. and Revolution Health is highly recommended for Tulsa knee pain

Are you experiencing Tulsa knee pain? Or maybe it’s not just Tulsa knee pain. Maybe it’s back pain, elbow pain or any other chronic pain. At Revolution Health we provide every client and patient with the nonsurgical alternative along with the staff and the doctor who is 100% committed to your needs. Dr. Chad Edward D.O. has attended Oklahoma Baptist University and Oklahoma State University for Health Sciences. Dr. Chad Edward D.O. is committed to helping every patient regain their health by one simple method. Finding the root cause of the problems rather than just handing out medications to mask the symptoms. We also specialize in nutrition, exercise and prolotherapy , which is taking Tulsa Oklahoma by storm.

What makes us different? It’s not only the treatments that make us different but the way that we treat our patients. You’ll find that our staff and Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. truly takes the time to listen to you. He also walks you step by step through every procedure that may possibly be needed to get you on the road for a healthier and happier lifestyle. He’s more than happy to answer all of your questions and your concerns. Unlike some physicians he wants you to fill absolutely confident in the decision that you’re making. His number one goal is to tie your body systems together and have them working as a team the way they were designed to. He does not over medicate and he truly wants to find the root of the disease, chronic pain or other symptoms.

One of the ways that we relieve our clients’ chronic pain is by the treatment known as prolotherapy. Prolotherapy has actually been around since the 1930s but has grown into something completely revolutionary since the 21st century. Prolotherapy is the medical process of injecting and creating a minor injury in the chronic pain area. For instance, if you’re suffering from Tulsa knee pain the injection goes into the knee and then forces the body to focus on that particular area. Then you sit back and watch as the body does what it already does naturally. It heals itself. Because of the irritation it focuses more dramatically on the injured area and relieves the client of pain and ultimately heels the area.

At Revolution Health we not only focus on solving one problem but making sure that no other problems arise. We do this by discussing the health options that can have your body functioning better and more efficiently after every visit. We focus on the improvement of health and how to prevent disease. Our number one goal is to tie all the body systems together and have them functioning naturally. Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. does recommend medications but he doesn’t over medicate. He believes in getting the body to a place where we can eliminate medication completely and have the body systems working naturally and also preventing disease and illness naturally. Natural is always a better option with Dr. Chad Edward D.O.

For more information about Dr. Chad Edward D.O. please visit us online at Revolution Health online or simply give us a call at 918 – 935 – 3636. We look forward to hearing your call and answering any questions that you might have about relieving you of your Tulsa knee pain or any other chronic pain that you might be experiencing. We are looking to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Dr. Chad Edward D.O. is a highly recommended because of his professionalism, his personalism and his dedication to putting people on the right and better path of health. Find out more about Dr. Chad Edward D.O. by looking up testimonials online or simply give us a call today to speak to one of our staff.

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