A new way of Tulsa health is possible and it’s probable right here at Revolution Health

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A new way of  Tulsa health is possible and it’s probable right here at Revolution Health

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At Revolution Health we don’t just focus on your Tulsa knee pain. We take of very natural approach to medicine and we believe in finding the key root source of the problem. Every body function affects every other part in one way or another. If the body systems are all working in harmony then the body as a whole will work properly and substate itself against anything. Our bodies were naturally made to work together as one and provide natural healing to any injury or illness. It Revolution Health we do not believe in over medicating. We believe in finding the solution to the key root problems and providing the resolution for that problem. Dr. Chad Edwards provide you with top quality service, equipment and a revolutionary way of thinking when it comes to your Tulsa health and resolving your Tulsa knee pain.

It Revolution Health we want to optimize your health in a dramatic life-changing way. We evaluate every patient’s body systems, find the dysfunctions and with nonsurgical treatments. We always take the natural approach to medicine when it’s possible. We don’t believe in just handing out medication. We believe in finding out how to increase your health and prevent illness and disease. We assist you step by step throughout the entire process of obtaining that ultimate health and enhance lifestyle. We do this through means of natural substances and exercise. We believe of the body is meant to work together as one system and we put you on the track to achieving just that. You won’t find a more dedicated or committed staff that Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic in Tulsa.

Dr. Edwards is one of the most passionate and committed doctors that you will ever meet. He is absolutely dedicated to providing away and the encouragement to obtaining ultimate health in his patient’s life. He’s not looking just to provide a lifelong of taking pills and more pills. He believes in taking the natural approach and optimizing what the body already does normally. He listens, answers questions and concerns while also finding the right treatment for your problem. When it comes to chronic pain he specializes in prolotherapy and has brought resolve to patients who have had over three decades of chronic pain. Your Tulsa knee pain can be treated and resolved through prolotherapy. It’s possible to relieve yourself of your chronic pain without laying on an operating table in Tulsa Oklahoma.

What is prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting a solution into the damaged structures which then stimulates the body’s natural healing response. For instant, if you are experiencing Tulsa knee pain prolotherapy injects into the knee and causes the body to accelerate the healing process to that specific area. Prolotherapy stimulates the body to heal itself. It’s bringing out the natural response of the survival and the adaptability that is already naturally part of the body’s functionality. Harvard Medical School supports prolotherapy and recognizes it as a legitimate nonsurgical treatment to chronic pain. This could be the result you been looking for for your Tulsa knee pain.

We encourage you to give us a call today to find out more information at 918 – 935 – 3636. We want to not only solve a one time problem. We want to bring restoration and resolve to optimizing your health. We believe in improvement and stepping into a new way of health that will enhance your lifestyle forever. Dr. Chad Edwards is committed to putting you on the right path of health. He does everything he can to conclude the root of the problem and correcting it immediately. He’s a doctor that cares, Dr. that listens and a doctor who is dedicated and has your best interest in mind. Whether it’s chronic pain, illness, disease or another medical situation please find out if Dr. Chad Edwards is the right choice for you.

Treatment that uses the body’s own ability to heal itself at Revolution Health for your Tulsa knee pain

Revolution Health specializes in a treatment known as prolotherapy. Through a pair be is supported by Harvard Medical School and is a nonsurgical alternative to chronic pain. Dr. Chad Edwards has provided this treatment to several patients in Tulsa Oklahoma. He is treated patients who thought that surgery was their only option to fix their Tulsa knee pain. At Revolution Health Dr. Chad Edwards provides an alternative way. Prolotherapy is a process of rapid healing. It works with the body and the body’s natural indication to heal itself. This is a treatment that uses the body’s own ability to heal itself and it has worked for several patients that have experienced excruciating Tulsa knee pain.

Just to give you a little back story on Dr. Chad Edwards he has over 20 years of medical experience. He was in the U.S. Army as a medic and preventive medicine specialist. His also served in several hospitals that include the states of Kentucky, Tennessee and Oklahoma. He attended OSU College for Health Sciences and Oklahoma Baptist University where he earned his B.S. in Exercise Science and Sport Medicine. He would say that his favorite aspect about medicine is helping patients achieved their dreams a feeling healthy again when nothing else has been able to do the trick. He truly wants to bring the best of the best from himself and out of every patient that he treats.

But what is prolotherapy? In the most simplest of terms prolotherapy is a treatment that stimulates the body to heal itself. Now you must understand that the body’s natural indication is to heal itself after an injury. The process of prolotherapy simply moves that along quicker and addresses the specific area that needs to be fixed. It involves an injection of a liquid solution to the injured area which then stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism. Our bodies were designed to heal and to adapt to the environment around us. This is simply a natural treatment that gives the body of boost so to speak to naturally do what it’s going to do anyways. For Tulsa knee thing the injection goes into the knee and the pain is taken away because the body is now focused on healing the injured area.

Dr. Chad Edwards does not only focus on providing treatment and medication. In fact his ultimate goal is to teach his patients to optimize their health and enhance their life dramatically. He does not believe that medication should be the sole therapy for the medical problem. He believes in finding the dysfunction with an the body and removing the core problem of the injury or illness. Focuses on providing natural avenues for the body to become healthier and stronger. He does not believe in over medicating and does not believe that medication is the solution to the problem. He provides natural ways of optimizing health that include nutrition, exercise, page management and focus on your ideal body mass. All this and more right here at Revolution Health.

Are you interested in the treatment that uses the body’s own ability to heal itself? Are you ready to rid yourself of Tulsa knee pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions then please give us call today at 918 – 935 – 3636. We want to put you on the right road optimizing your health and move you to a new level that is completely revolutionary thinking. When you are with Dr. Chad Edwards he will listen to every word that you say. He answers all of your questions and place to rest any of your concerns. He makes you feel comfortable and confident in the solutions that he offers you for your chronic or Tulsa knee pain. Fill free to experience the revolution for yourself or visit us online today.

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