Find the Top and Quickest Result for Tulsa Knee Pain Treatment at Revolution Health

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Find the Top and Quickest Result for Tulsa Knee Pain Treatment at Revolution Health

This content was written by Revolution Health Tulsa Knee Pain

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Top-quality professional medical services provided at Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic. The Tulsa wellness clinic was found by Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. has served as an emergency physician in several hospitals throughout the United States including Tennessee and Kentucky. He is a former and proud medic specialist for the U.S. Army as well as a former Dive Medical Officer. He is a committed, dedicated and passionate doctor whose number one goal is to provide an avenue for those looking to achieve their ultimate health dreams. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Sport Medicine from Oklahoma Baptist University. He also attended medical school at OSU and completed his residency at Womack Army Medical Center in North Carolina. You’ll find the top and quickest result for Tulsa knee pain treatment at Revolution Health.

One of the top procedures that Revolution Health provides is Tulsa knee pain treatment. This treatment is known as prolotherapy and has been approved by the American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Integrative Pain Medicine. Prolotherapy is also been featured in the Washington Post and has the support of Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School. Is been around for nearly 80 years and has been proven to work for chronic pain and serve as a Tulsa knee pain treatment. For more information about prolotherapy please look it up on our website today or gives a call at 918 – 935 – 3636. We look forward to hearing from you.

Prolotherapy is the process of injecting liquid into the damaged area where the chronic pain resides. It injects a liquid which is filled with nutrition and chemicals that ultimately irritates the injured area. This then stimulates the body to begin to heal itself. It should be noted that your body is already inclined naturally to heal itself but prolotherapy simply speeds along the process. It allows the body to focus on that specific area of injury and heal the chronic pain. This is excellent for Tulsa knee pain treatment, back treatment, Tulsa neck treatment, elbow and shoulder treatment. It is a nonsurgical alternative for Tulsa knee pain.

One of the most unique things about Revolution Health is that we also provide the information and the knowledge so that you can optimize your health to the fullest extent. Where other doctors simply fill out a prescription, give you your medication and send you out the door without another word we focus on you. We evaluate the body as a whole and determine why a certain part of the system is not functioning. We find out what’s going wrong and we quickly correct it. Then by using natural supplements we get you on the track to be healthy and optimize your health in a safe and natural way with no side effects from medications. Our natural supplements have been approved by the FDA and bring about the best in every Tulsa patient. Nutrition, exercise and a vast knowledge of how the body works is what you get at Revolution Health and Wellness.

We strongly encourage you to go online and check out more information about our company, our story and Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. We also encourage you to review the testimonials and watch the interviews with the patients who have walked away with great success for their Tulsa knee pain treatment. We answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns so that you feel absolutely confident that Revolution Health is the right choice for you. You won’t find a more dedicated and passionate doctor then Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. in Tulsa Oklahoma. Give us a call today or simply visit us online now.

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You’ll find absolutely fantastic service and a full-time staff at Revolution Health. It was founded and operated by Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. who is a former medic specialist for the U.S. Army. He also attended medical school at Oklahoma State University and received his Bachelor of Science at Oklahoma Baptist University. He is a passionate and very committed health doctor who is looking to provide the best possible avenues for people to optimize their health and enhance their lifestyle. He provides you with top quality equipment, treatments and natural supplements that have been approved by the FDA. Learn more about Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. by visiting us online or giving us a call at 918 – 95 – 3636.

What is it about Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic? Revolution Health provides not only the opportunity for you to optimize your health in a drastic way but we take the time to connect with every one of our patients. We believe that connection and understanding from both parties is very important especially when it comes to health treatment. We will understand how you feel, what your concerns are and answer any questions you might have. If you’re looking for a wonderful doctor who will listen to you then you must come to Revolution Health. We just don’t focus on what’s wrong with you; we focus on improving the body as a whole. We never send you away without somehow giving you information about how to improve your health.

One of the most unique things about Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. is simply that he cares. He cares about understanding how all the systems in your body work and more importantly that they’re working together. It’s not just about writing you medication and sending you out the door. It’s about understanding why there’s a dysfunction and how can we corrected as a medical facility. We do supply medication but Dr. Chad Edwards D.O. does not over medicate. You’ll appreciate his approach of functional medicine instead of just Tulsa sick care. He provides you with the means to take control of your life and excel the highest way possible.

One of the procedures that Revolution Health is known for is prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a Tulsa knee pain treatment and other chronic pain treatment. It works by injecting the body with liquid and stimulating the body to heal itself. It’s like a boost for your body to focus on the injured area and begin healing rapidly. This procedure has worked for several of our patients including a man with over 30 years of severe back pain and a young girl who injured her shoulder while playing softball. Both walked away without pain and both got on with their lives. Prolotherapy has been around for almost 8 decades and has been approved by American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Integrative Pain Medicine.

One of the things that make Revolution Health and Wellness so unique is that we focus on the fundamentals of what makes your body systems work together. It’s not just enough to fix the problem and then send you out the door. We want to find the root of the problem and then corrected. When we do this we can then move on to really optimizing your health and prevent future illnesses, sicknesses and diseases from coming on. We have a supply of natural supplements that have been approved by the FDA. Please give us a call at 918-935-3636. Or visit us online at Find the best you can be and become the best you can at Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic.