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If you know anybody that is utilizing hormone replacement or hormone therapy, and they are looking for a better alternative to the typical traditional Western medicine approach, such as Tulsa Hormone Pellets, then telling to come see us here at Revolution Health and Wellness, if they are in the greater Tulsa area. Here revolution company, we provide a revolutionary approach to medicine with natural and holistic medicine as the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in the state of Oklahoma today. If you know anybody that needs a better approach to their healthcare, or if you have utilize their services before and you know the advantages of holistic medicine, then we want you to tell them about what we do here here at Revolution Health and Wellness. It should be an easy recommendation as a company that has better reviews than anybody else whenever it comes to functional lesson and better reviews than many other traditional clinics the state of Oklahoma.

There may be people out there who don’t trust natural or holistic medicine or feel like it is and more difficult approach to the recovery. And that can be true, but if you are person that values your overall well-being, and you want to make sure the year getting to the root cause recommendation instead of covering it up and your sickness instead of providing real healthcare to make sure that we take care the actual issue, then we encourage you to utilize holistic and natural medicine that we provide here. And if you are somebody that believes in the process, then make a recommendation to us here at Revolution Health and Wellness because we are going to build to provide them with incredible results, especially if they are looking for something like Tulsa Hormone Pellets.

We have a wide range of services for anybody that is skeptical, and if they are experiencing something like issues with their sexual health, or if they want to try Tulsa Hormone Pellets, they can come in and to give into the services that we offer here. We can offer you hormone replacement with better alternatives than what you would find at a traditional clinic, we can provide sexual health services, we can provide holistic pain management that is healthier and more natural, we can help you stop smoking and we can even provide nutritional and supplemental IV therapy which is a better way than taking medications for it.

We also make an easy recommendation because not only can we treat the majority of problems with a better more natural way than other clinics, but we can also provide you with better customer service because we have an excellent website that provides tons of great information and also a patient portal that can provide you convenient resources as one of our patients for patient portal, and we also have created a system here which you can book as much time as you like. If 15 minute increments, you can be seen as little or for as long as you like on your visit. When it comes to insurance, we accept the same kind of insurance the typical clinics do, and if you don’t have insurance, then consider us because we have gotten labs for people as low as $12.

So if you know anybody that wants to give natural medicine and try and then telling to come see us here at Revolution Health and Wellness, because we do it as well or better than any other clinics that they may be used to. We are located conveniently in Glenpool, Oklahoma as part of the greater Tulsa area, so make sure that you make your next appointment with us by calling us directly 918-935-3636 were giving the number to any of your friends or family. Also make sure that they check out our website at they are still skeptical about what we are going to build to do in the kind of services that we provide by going to revolutionhealth.org.

Tulsa Hormone Pellets | Natural Medicine Is Better Medicine

If you’re somebody who has utilized Tulsa Hormone Pellets, and you know what the benefits of utilizing a natural or holistic approach your health can be, then we encourage you to to visit us here at Revolution Health and Wellness if you have never found a functional medicine clinic here in Tulsa. Here at Revolution Health and Wellness, we are here to provide you with a revolutionary approach to medicine, with natural and holistic approaches to our medicine as the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in Oklahoma, located right here in Glenpool, Oklahoma. We provide a central location for the greater Tulsa area to make sure that you can get a better approach to medicine here then you could at any other traditional Western medicine clinic anywhere. If you can make it into our clinic, then we are willing to help you.

We believe that a natural approach is superior to traditional Western modern medicine, which is focused primarily on seeking care and not healthcare. It seems to be centered around illness and disease. If you go a traditional doctor and ask them how to prevent illness and disease, they’re not going to be a will to provide you and assist you step-by-step in the process of obtaining ultimate help. That is what we do here at Revolution Health and Wellness, and we abide by our first victim asset doctors which is “first, do no harm”. Find the most medications have an adverse effect that go along with their in tended results, and this is not fully keeping with the do no harm aspect of what we do. That is why we offer things like Tulsa Hormone Pellets. In our experience, you can get results that are just as good or better by using natural substances or foods or supplements then you can with postmodern medications.

So if you’d like to try something like Tulsa Hormone Pellets as opposed to the more traditional methods for hormone replacement hormone therapy then come and visit us. We can provide you with a holistic approach to hormone replacement for testosterone and estrogen, and we also have a better approach for sexual health services. If you have any kind needs for pain management, then we can provide a more holistic approach to that such as prolotherapy which involves injecting narratives directly into the muscle or the site to begin the healing process faster for the body which stimulated to produce the process of healing faster. We can also offer you traditional labs, and you nutritional in supplemental IV therapy. These are some of the services that we can offer you with a better alternative 10 your traditional treatment you’d find elsewhere.

Not only do we provide you with a better alternative to medicine using natural approaches, but we also provide you with better customer service. We are committed to making sure that you have a great experience here is that is why we offer you as many conveniences as possible because anybody knows that the doctors office is not the best place to be. But we can book you for as much time as you need. Revolution can be. Take 50 minutes, or take an hour, it’s up to you, and whenever you feel like you need. We also offer you a lot of great resources on our website including a patient portal we can find many of your resources in your information conveniently there to make sure that we offer you a better more convenient and efficient service.

If you’re interested in what revolution can provide to you and how we can improve your life, the know hesitate to reach out to us and schedule your first visit anytime at 918-935-3636, we can also go to the website whenever you like to find more information about our services, our doctors and more at revolutionhealth.org.