Tulsa hormone pellets | Low T treatments?

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Tulsa hormone pellets | Lab testing.

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

Dr. Chad Edwards is the owner and operator of Revolution health and wellness clinic and is a practicing osteopathic physician here in Tulsa Oklahoma has been serving this community very diligently over the past years. If you’re looking for Tulsa hormone pellets for your hormone replacement therapy, Revolution health wellness clinic is year go to for the best hormone replacement pellets. Dr. Chad Edwards main interests is an functional medicine and using his holistic touch. His main goal is to be as optimize his patients health through any and all means including chiropractic, acupuncture, medications, herbalists, rest, exercise, nutrition and many other teens and his holistic grab bag.

So what exactly makes Revolution health and wellness different from your average run-of-the-mill health and wellness clinics? While on the extremely glad you asked that they are anything but your average clinic as a focus on a natural approach to medicine and well-being and Tulsa hormone pellets for bio identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. You may have seen Dr. Chad Edwards on the news; news channel 8, channel 2 news, news on six, KRMG talk show, and news channel 9 as well as the newspaper Tulsa world.

When you are patient of Revolution health you’ll notice that they do things a little different there. Their main goal is to dive deep into and looking for any disruption that is affecting your health, unlike many other doctors do not take time to find the root cause of your dysfunction. They want to find any deviation from optimal functionality and be able to fix it as early and quickly as possible. Tulsa hormone pellets are greatly to supplement hormone replacement therapy. Tom’s Revolution health and wellness clinic is not interested in the traditional route of medicine. They want to to get to know you better figure out what is your root cause of your illnesses or diseases.

Revolution health and wellness Center is extremely interested in functional medicine approach to lab results. Why lab results? Because labs tell what’s going on inside of the patient’s body and give them a better and clearer picture of how to approach this dysfunction that’s affecting that patient. Your body is not series of individual functioning parts, but extremely cohesive and is very complex series of biochemical reactions. But check the lab reports in order to better understand what’s going on with the patient’s overall health and they ask a lot of questions compared to your normal Dr. who simply gives you 5 to 10 minutes and then writes prescription. If you are looking for Tulsa hormone pellets you found them here at Revolution health and wellness.

If you are hurting and traditional medicine is not been able to help you subside your pain please reach out to Dr. Chad Edwards and his skilled staff at Revolution health and wellness. You can reach them by phone at (918) 935-3636 or visit their website and schedule your first appointment today at www.revolutionhealth.org. They are extremely excited to get to know you and get to your root cause in order to give you your health and wellness back.

Tulsa hormone pellets | Low T?

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

Are you suffering from low testosterone? Do you know the symptoms of low testosterone? Low-energy, low sex drive, decreased interest in certain things he used to love, hair loss etc. If you are suffering from low testosterone please consider the premier Tulsa hormone pellets at Revolution health and wellness clinic. Dr. Chad Edwards is the go to expert on bio identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. Dr. Edwards focuses on functional at his revolution health and wellness clinic. You may be asking yourself right now what is function that is? And that is a wonderful question as many people do not understand exactly what it means. Functional medicine is this, it’s medicine that seeks to restore the optimal function of your body. It is a cutting edge approach to the practicing of medicine that simply better addresses the health care needs in this ever changing 21st century.

A side-by-side measure between traditional medicine and functional medicine makes it quite obvious that functional medicine has much more of a benefit over traditional medicine. Tulsa hormone pellet are great way to supplement your testosterone. Traditional medicine is more focused on disease center, short appointments which are ran by insurance reimbursements management of disease, population base in, uses normal and abnormal ranges for lab values.
Versus functional medicine which is; patient centered, longer appointments, individual base, seeks to find the root cause of disease, uses optimal ranges for lab values.

If you just take a look at the current population today you’ll notice that the majority people have an increase in diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and mental illness. This isn’t just a coincidence this is because traditional medical approach is acute-care oriented and simply lacks the proper tools and methodologies for identifying more complex and chronic diseases that are general suffers. This is why Tulsa hormone pellets have become a staple in the bio identical hormone replacement therapies here at Revolution health and wellness.

This traditional medicine approach is primarily based on evidence-based medicine which was founded on scientific research, yes the information may be good but there is a huge gap between the way research is Ducted impositions practiced between the time in between the emerging research. In many cases between the research and in season this research into practice take long as 50 years, this is preposterous and not very efficient form versus functional medicine. Medical education is focused on a care model that is so cute that most physicians are not trained properly to be able to identify the root causes of these chronic and complex diseases that affect the general population. They are simply not appropriately trained in such exercise.

Revolution health and wellness focuses more on functional medicine in on its understanding of the origins treatment and prevention’s of very complex and chronic diseases simply stated functional medicine doctors understand that the health is much more than just the absence of disease is an overall wellness. You can see the big difference in functional medicine versus traditional medicine and why revolution clinic operates on the functional medicine side. So please give Dr. Chad Edwards a chance in his team and Revolution health and wellness to be able to get to the core problem of your diseases and get you back to loving life. You can visit their website at www.revolutionhealth.org given the call (918) 935-3636 to learn more about their services and to schedule your first appointment today.