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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Tulsa hormone pellets | Cranky and irritated

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness

Now if you are looking for hormone replacement therapy, and is the most helpful places to find Tulsa hormone pellets is going to be Revolution Health & Wellness. Revolution Health & Wellness specializes and functional medicine, and hormone replacement therapy. Whether you are male or female, when were hormone get out of whack, not only can it present a number of side effects, like irritability, being cranky, feeling depressed, and always wanting to eat, when you no longer feel like yourself. You feel like you’ve completely become a new person, so if we can provide our hormone therapy services for you, Revolution Health & Wellness the be more than happy to do so.

So it’s time to help you find Tulsa hormone pellets that you can benefit from. We offer them to an affordable price, and we even work with different insurance providers. Whether you are a man or woman, from the side effects you are going to see from having imbalanced hormones going to be depression, daily headaches, decreased energy, hair loss, nausea, insomnia, and fluid retention. So if you’ve been noticing any of these happened you your daily life, where a few months ago you completely different, you may want to contact your local physician, or contact our medical team here Revolution Health & Wellness through

Because we can provide excellent examinations, and in-house lab tests to be able to figure out exactly if where the imbalance is, and what is causing the issue. So if you feel like you just can’t handle this any longer, it’s time to come into a professional, someone who is highly trained in hormone imbalances, someone who knows how to properly you free that the unit test results, and someone who knows what the first step of action is going to be for you. Because of this is going to constantly be on your mind, and so you find someone to help you find Tulsa hormone pellets like everything balanced out.

And I promise you, that once a hormone levels unbalanced again, you are gonna feel just like your old self. You’re gonna have your energy, you no longer be losing hair, and you can feel 80% better than you did just a week or two ago. So if you have consistently gone to Dr. after Dr., and no one is able to figure out what was on you, it is when you come to Revolution Health & Wellness, that you will be able to not only be healthier, but be happier as well.

If you have any questions about how much are hormone pellets cost, or what insurance providers you work with, you may go online for website@revolutionhealth.com, or you can give us a call at (918) 935-3636. With you, number, we can even schedule you an appointment to speak with one of our physicians, or hormones specialists, to have any fan done, or maybe you to a few tests as well. You want to to you healthy and happy once again, and if providing you hormone pellets to help balance out your bodies way to do it, then so be it, we would be more than happy to!

Tulsa hormone pellets | better today

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness

Revolution Health & Wellness is able to completely change of life. With Tulsa hormone pellets, if they can get their patients feeling 100% better quicker than any other Dr. physician could. I would love to share the success story of one for patients with you today. Because when she first came to Revolution Health & Wellness, not only we see sick, but she was irritable, depressed, and had excessive weight gain over the last few months. And so I’m going to walk through the entire story with you, and help you see how beneficial our services could be for you.

Now, this young lady had been experiencing weird symptoms for over a year. She’d been living life, enjoying working full time, living with her boyfriend, who is now her fiancé however when they she woke up and something to sell off about her. The had decreased energy, and she thought maybe she was just tired and so she took cannot. However when she kept on having decreased energy and other symptoms like depression, irritability, extreme acne and hair loss, she knew something was wrong. And so she started finding and searching out a physician who would be able to perform an examination, or a flat chest on her that would tell her what was going wrong body.

Now never once did anyone consider Tulsa hormone pellets, or a hormone imbalance as the issue. Because she is gone to numerous doctors and physicians, even her family physician didn’t believe her. It is that maybe it because of were eating habits, try getting more sleep, there’s really nothing we can do. And so up she is just gave up, she accepted that this is house is can it be for the rest of her life. Only was that very disheartening for, by a increased her depression. And so, when they occur it now fiancé convinced her to check out Revolution Health & Wellness. They set up an appointment, and showed up on time.

When they got there, they were promptly greeted, and the helped almost immediately. After doing quite a few lab tests into the results immediately, the physician that culture was very confused. He said I see all of these symptoms, and nothing coming back on any of my lab reports. She thought he was going to give up on her as well, that she would just have to accept that they are being sick for the rest of life. However, he’s right her by telling her that she would buy a few more tests, you do some research to try and figure out what was wrong. After asking her a very extensive list of personal questions regarding health, he finally found the issue.

The issue was she had previously had a birth control implanted into her body, and this implant was getting off for toxins and messing with the balance of her natural hormones. And by doing so, he created this huge imbalance in her body, and made all of these issues have been. Now if other physicians have asked her that one question, they would’ve been able to find solution to. But it is with the kindness, and attention to detail that Revolution Health & Wellness physicians possess they were able to help her. They been recommended for Tulsa hormone pellets, and were able to help her become healthier and happier. Now if you have questions regarding our services how you can receive services like it, go online to revolutionhealth.com, or contact us by dialing (918) 935-3636.