Tulsa CrossFit and Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O.

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We hope we can partner with you here at Revolution Health and Wellness and Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. can give you the better body is pain-free see you can maximize your output at Tulsa CrossFit. Give us a call today at 918-935-3636 and get going towards a revolution that will radically change the way your body operates.

We desperately need a revolution when it comes to the way we treat health and wellness in the United States. Or you take a look at your weight, smoking, nutrition, exercise, and your pain management. We know that no two people are alike and we want to create a custom fit experience for you here at Revolution Health and Wellness. Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. is committed to optimal health. Part of optimizing your physical health is ensuring that we have an ideal body mass index. We will not yell at you here and will not make you feel bad about yourself. We will likely address your BMI on every visit. It is very important. You do not need to feel self-conscious, it is a noble and valid act to start creating responsibility for your body and moving in the right direction for your health and wellness. There is nothing shameful about it, and we went to be considered a safe haven for all the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma when it comes to getting a healthier lifestyle.

Prolotherapy is an excellent way to get pain relief in your life. Joints and ligaments can get stretched out and damaged over a period of time and we have been amazing solution for some of your joy and pain problems. Prolotherapy uses an injection that boost your body’s own immune system in a natural and safe way. We target areas that need pain relief such as shoulders, knees, or any other joint and ligament that may be mailing your body. What this shot does is it boosts the body’s immune system to create collagen, the primary building block for the body’s joints and ligaments. So instead of simple collagen injections it creates a way that your body can do the work on its own in a safe and natural way. We are big proponents of preventative and holistic medicine here and you’ll see what all the benefits you can get from joining us at Revolution Health and Wellness at www.Revolutionhealth.org.

We have a variety of supplements here on our website. A lot of people are worried about supplements but we provide only natural ingredients and all of the supplements here at Revolution Health and Wellness. Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. is a believer that supplements, when used on a consistent basis can greatly produce good results in the body. Partnering them along with your body’s own natural processes is the best way to gain optimal health in today’s environment.

CrossFit in Tulsa and Revolution Health

This Content Was Written by CrossFit in Tulsa

It’s time to start the revolution on your health and wellness in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. We are big proponents of Tulsa CrossFit and CrossFit in Tulsa. If you are already a member of a Tulsa CrossFit gym or you have are looking to do CrossFit in Tulsa than look no further as your partner then Revolution health and wellness. Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. is an experienced doctor in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area who is very well-versed in holistic medicine and relief of chronic pain and all of his patients. If you’d like to know more about how you can get the most out of your cross in Tulsa experience by partnering with Revolution health give us a call at 918-935-3636 or visit us online for more information. Our website is www.Revolutionhealth.org and were waiting to give you the very best in pain relief in Tulsa.

If you have acute or chronic pain then we will address the cause and formulate a treatment plan that is custom tailored to your needs. We know that no two people are the same and we don’t believe you should be living a life with pain. It is rare that we can identify a treatable cause for the pain. Thus is also rare that we will prescribe controlled substances on a chronic basis. If you’re looking for narcotics and other controlled substances the we may not be the physician for you. We rarely prescribed them and almost never prescribed into the patient we don’t know well. If not caught X are part of your treatment and we will have street narcotic policies for reassessing your pain and prescribing your medications. If you have ongoing pain the we need to discuss the benefits of prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy is a process that involves injection Mintier joins and dependence that will cause your own immune system to start doing work. It is a safe procedure that repairs joints and tendons by giving them the college and they need to restore their natural functions. If you have chronic pain that is caused from tendons being out of whack then you need to consider prolotherapy for all of your health benefits in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

We encourage you to start using food as fuel whenever you come visit us at Revolution health. We are your number one choice when it comes to getting the health products you need in a timely and efficient manner. Trust us for all of your healthy living advice. If you want to participate in CrossFit in Tulsa than look no further than the trusted professionals here in your hometown. Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. is dedicated to giving you the reduction in pain and discomfort that you have acquired. We also monitor your diet and your weight loss and everything else to make sure your BMI is headed in the right direction for a healthy lifestyle.