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Tulsa Bioidentical Hormones | Regain Your Prior Health

Tulsa bioidentical hormones are administered right here Revolution Health & Wellness. We’re going one step above and beyond the typical doctors here in the area. We are a unique holistic approach to healing. Your body is meant to handle a wide range different illnesses and help heal itself. Here Dr. Chad Edwards is actively helping your body will regain its prior health using a host of different natural and holistic approaches. Revolution Health & Wellness is leading the way in the wellness and health Revolution right here in our backyard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He uses a very unique and custom tailor a plan for each and every client that walks into his clinic doors. Our bodies are meant to kill themselves, but this is harder said and done. When so much of what we eat, drink and breathe is contaminated. I strongly advise you to make an appointment today with Revolution Health & Wellness in order to understand exactly how to get your body back to its function itself.

Tulsa bioidentical hormones wonderful way to get your testosterone levels up. As you know when we get older, male to lose energy, lose sex drive and many other posts of various reactions. Bio identical hormone replacement therapy is a wonderful way to sublimate your testosterone that is being depleted as we age. I strongly advise you look on Google reviews and read some responses yourself from the patients who are amazed at the results they received. Many people roll their eyes or believe it’s hocus-pocus whenever you talk about holistic medicine. But, the truth is that holistic medicine has been a staple in our human lives since the beginning. All the plants, all the animals are here for our benefit. In fact many pharmaceutical companies simply synthesize natural plants in order to create these unnatural medicines. Most people don’t think twice whenever they take a pill from the doctor simply because he is authorized to do so. But the truth is right in plain sight. How many times we see TV commercials talking about if you are injured by so-and-so drug. There on nonstop. We just choose to look the other way and not hold ourselves accountable for own actions.

I hope you are looking in to Tulsa bioidentical hormones that are administered right here at Revolution Health & Wellness. If you are looking to get your energy back in feel more like your old self, then this is the place for you. They are going above and beyond to make your experience unique and 100% cater to your body. Every single bodies created differently and interacts with different drugs and herbal remedies. This is why Dr. Chad Edwards is a binary field. He gets to the root cause of your illnesses and knows what he needs to do in order to correct this illness.

The whole human body is 100% connected to each and every part. That means that whenever one part of the body goes out the other systems will struggle. Whenever you go to the doctor and take a pill for any illness, all you’re doing is putting a Band-Aid on a huge cut and it is still seeping and hurting.

Let Dr. Chad Edwards help you regain your health functions in a natural and homeopathic way here at Revolution Health & Wellness. Do not hesitate to schedule your very first appointment with us today. Visit us online at www.revolutionhealth.org or call us today at (918) 935-3636.