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Tulsa Bioidentical Hormones | who offer stem cell treatments?

Come experience the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in Oklahoma for yourself here at Revolution health. Dr. Chad Edwards and our staff will provide you with the most exceptional service and taking care of all of your help concerns. The services that we offer cover a wide range of things such as Tulsa bioidentical hormones to relieving pain to delivering essential nutrients to your body through IV. Our customers understand that we aim to please, and I wanted take care of any concerns or questions that you may have about your health and wellness.

We offer a couple of services with Tulsa bioidentical hormones to help our customers sure that they are the greatest health whether you are needing bioidentical hormone replacement, hormone treatment, or looking to promote healthy sexual health. We will find a solution to any question or concern that you may have about the role that your hormones play in your body. Hormones are very important vital to understand that play a huge role in the functions inside and outside of your body. Therefore it is urgent that we come up with a plan that meets their exact hormone needs.

Tulsa bioidentical hormones is not the highlight of all the services that we offer, though it is very important. We also offer prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma, and stem cell treatment to help our customers deal with their pain. We also are able to help them answer their bodies or get in the nutrients that are essential to recovery and maintenance, immune support, and cognitive function by delivering them through IVs. Our staff also offers Botox and fillers and specific skincare products that you not only are going to be feeling great, but you also be looking great.

Dr. Edwards and our amazing staff understand how each person is unique and a completely different individual than the next. We will never offer the same plan of treatment to more than one customer, because we create customize and personalize plans to meet everyone’s exact means. Do you think that your body is the same as anyone else’s, neither do we. Which is why we understand that you need a unique plan of treatment that’s gonna work just for you.

If you are ready to receive the most exceptional service from people who truly care about your health and wellness, and want to ensure that you can look good also feeling good and check out Revolution health. We encourage you to visit our website at revolutionhealth.org so that you better understand all the services that we offered to ensure you are an excellent health. Give us a call I (918) 935-3636 to set up your appointment. We know that you will become one of the many customers that continue to give us the highest reviews.