The best and most qualified Tulsa knee pain treatment at Revolution Health

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The best and most qualified Tulsa knee pain treatment at Revolution Health

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Are you looking for resolve from her chronic pain? Are you looking for a nonsurgical treatment that can provide you with freedom from that pain? Have you been suffering for years? If you answered yes to any of these questions then perhaps it’s time that you visited Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic. We provide top quality equipment, physicians and a passionate doctor who is ready to over deliver his services to you. He truly wants the absolute best for his patients and his clients. These dedicated to seeing you rise to the whole new level of health and soon resolve brought to your chronic pain.

Dr. Chad Edwards is a former U.S. Army medic specialists and graduated with a medical degree from Oklahoma Baptist University. He provides top-quality service to every patient he sits down with. He believes in taking his time with every patient and finding out exactly what they need to be healthy. He wants them to have the absolute best possible treatment and the best information so they can optimize her health in a dramatic way. His dream is to see everyone enhance their life and step into a healthy lifestyle of a completely change the way they feel about healthcare. It’s time to start a revolution in the eyes of Dr. Chad Edwards.

What do we provide? Were other medical care clinics simply provide the medicine for the symptom we look at the whole picture. We will find out what the core reason is for that sickness. By doing this we don’t only tie all the body parts in together but we are able to prevent illness and the sickness from reoccurring. Medication is simply a short-term solution to a long-term problem. If we don’t find out what’s causing the illness and the disease how are we ever supposed to truly stop it? That’s what we discover at Revolution Health and Wellness. We make sure you have exactly what you need to prevent future illnesses and diseases.

We also provide top quality Tulsa knee pain treatment for those suffering from chronic pain. The treatment also includes neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and any other chronic pain that you may be experiencing. The treatment that we provided prolotherapy and it has been a huge success nationwide. Its main use is for athletes looking to repair damaged areas of their body from playing sports. It is a nonsurgical chronic pain treatment and it is absolutely safe. Provides away for the client suffering from chronic pain not to have to have surgery or take physical therapy. Revolutionize your thinking with prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy is a simple procedure of injecting solution into the bodies damaged area and stimulating the body to react with its healing mechanisms. It guides the body’s natural ability to heal to the specific injured area. The healing that happens more rapidly and quicker than it would have without prolotherapy. We’ve had tremendous results and our testimonies are on our website if you want to watch them. Find out more about prolotherapy and the passionate Dr. Chad Edwards online today. Give is called 918 – 935 – 3636. We look forward to hearing and working with you at Revolution Health Wellness and Clinic.

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This content was uploaded by Revolution Health and Wellness

Here at Revolution Health we are so excited to be a part of the revolution that is taking place in the healthcare industry. We provide some of the latest nonsurgical treatments for chronic pain and have had tremendous results from our clients. For more permission about our testimonials you can look us up online or simply give us a call at 918 – 95 – 3636. Dr. Chad Edwards is 100% dedicated to providing quality and professional metal care service to anyone and everyone looking to change the way they live. We provide a top quality treatment which includes Tulsa knee pain treatment that is helped dozens of athletes give back into the game and keep playing. We provide second chances for athletes and normal people just like you.

We understand the amount of work and the amount of time it takes to be the best athlete that you can be. We understand the exercise, the importance of nutrition and also the importance of rest that is required for you to rehabilitate 100%. We also understand how easy it is to get injured while playing sports. The problem with injury during sports is that it takes you out of the game and a possibility means you have to go to surgery. Surgery takes time, it takes money and it takes you out of the game that you love. At revolution Health and wellness we propose a different idea. We supply one of the top nonsurgical treatments in the city. It’s called prolotherapy and it works.

Prolotherapy has brought great results to athletes who have injured their knees, next, shoulders and arms. In fact we had an eight-year-old girl who played cell phone and injured her shoulder dramatically. But after a few treatments of prolotherapy she was right back on the field throwing and catching the softball. Prolotherapy is not only affordable but it is also safe. It is a perfect nonsurgical alternative and a great Tulsa knee pain treatment. The matter what your chronic pain is or your athletic injury is we can provide you with the best possible treatment and service right here at Revolution Health and Wellness.

For athletes who are unfamiliar with prolotherapy it is a very simple treatment. First we target the injured area whether it be Tulsa knee pain, shoulder pain or arm pain. We then inject a solution into the damaged area which causes irritation within the body. This year Tatian then triggers the body’s natural ability to heal itself and focuses on the damaged area. The beauty of prolotherapy is that it’s stimulating the body to heal itself naturally. All it’s doing is driving attention to the injured area and letting the body know what it needs to repair. Simple, straightforward and effective. Athletes absolutely love it.

Dr. Chad Edwards specializes in sports therapy and sport medicine. In fact he holds a degree in Sport Medicine and Exercise Sciences. He is dedicated to make sure that athletes have the ability to step back in the game without having to go through surgery. Being an athlete himself he understands the commitment and the hard work that it takes to be the best of the best in the game that you play. Find yourself running, jumping, dribbling and running across that track once more with no chronic pain. For more information about the best also knee pain treatment and other chronic pain treatment please visit us online today.

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