You Will See That Our Bodies Can Adapt

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

You Will See That Our Bodies Can Adapt

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

We invite you to come by and meet the amazing Dr. Chad Edwards here at testosterone Tulsa, Revolution health. Dr. Edwards practices functional medicine which is far different than what you will experience when you just go to the doctor and wait for them to write your prescription fill your bodies with drugs that will actually harm you more than help you. They may make you feel better by masking the pain for the problem that you are experiencing but it never gets down to the root of the problem that is giving you the pain so all it does is mass get. If you are tired of filling your body with horrible things than please give us a call at 918-935-3636 we can help you on your way to optimal health.

If you’re looking to create the proper lifestyle for yourself that you need to look at many things such as nutrition, your amount of exercise, your body composition, if you decided to smoke, how much stress is in your life, supplementation of nutrition if we have to and by doing these things we can show you how to get your body strong. We would like to address all of these components as soon as possible before I actually create more severe medical problems in your life that may be impossible to cure.

Here at testosterone Tulsa, revolution health we practice prolotherapy which many people have never heard of. The best way to explain what prolotherapy actually is that prolotherapy actually stimulates the body to heal itself. You may be feeling horrible pains throughout your whole body and these can because by ligament or tendon damage and relaxation. Normally when you hear the term relaxation you think it’s a good thing but when you have damage or relaxation amongst your tendons and leg and men’s it actually creates and instability that action creates much more pain in your everyday life.

With prolotherapy we do injections into the damaged structures and actually stimulates and inflammatory response which in turn means that heals itself. And remember the ultimate goal in prolotherapy is for the body to actually heal itself because that is the way that God made us. One thing that we set is that our bodies are designed to survive and we are built to adapt and we are made to heal. We truly believe this revolution health and have understood the ways in which we can help you find out how this works and how you are able to heal yourself from things that traditional doctors have said will always be there because it is chronic so you just have to live with it and mask it with hard-core drugs.

There many different systems in our body that promotes healing of itself. We have the amazing circulatory system that actually carries chemicals and nutrients right to the site of the problem or injury and it will give fuel to the process of rebuilding and healing. When you have ligament intend in damage the one thing that happens is that the blood supply is very poor right at that spot. We have poor blood supply at this location the inflammatory healing does not begin to take action and the pain stays there because of the Lehman and intended damage.

Your Ligaments Are There To Stabilize Our Joints

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

Something that will help you get your body started on the path to optimum health is to think of the food that you put into your body as fuel for your body. Everything that occurs on earth needs energy to make it run or go. Whether eternal lamp or ride a motorcycle or roast a marshmallow, everything needs energy to make it work. The sources of energy may be different but in the end it is an energy source that completes the activity. Call 918-935-3636 and we will explain this to you in more detail.

Everyone’s body needs energy to do things such as beat our hearts, testosterone Tulsa, get air to go through our lungs, circulate our blood throughout our body, power our brains and even get our bodies just to move. The only reason that we are able to do any of these activities is because we have food in our bodies to produce energy. We like to measure the energy that is within our food in terms of calories. There are three certain things that we need put into our bodies to create the right energy to propel us.

Those three things are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Did you know that there are 4 cal per gram in carbohydrates? And there are also 4 cal per gram in proteins as well. There are actually 9 cal per gram that is included in the fats that we eat. These are really the three building blocks that we need for essential health and our lives. But always remember that there can be too much of a good thing and we can eat too much even if we feel that is something healthy and good for us.

Also don’t forget that there are many things such as minerals, vitamins and other very important components that we need to have in our body to get that optimal health and we dream of. These are also things that are very important to putting in our body to give us the energy we need to move. Most people may think of things such as vitamins and minerals they assume they should go by supplements and begin to take pills every day to make sure that they get these things into their bodies. Really the best way to get these vitamins and minerals into our bodies is to find the perfect foods that offer them directly into our body through the food and not a capsule.

You can do this by finding and really great variety of fruits and vegetables and even meets and by doing this you will be will to put the right vitamins and minerals into your body that will give you amazing energy and improve your life. We all must realize how important proper nutrition is if we would like to take control of our lives and be healthy once again. If we put bad things in our body they must realize that nothing good will come out of it. But if we fill our body with healthy nutrition then we will feel the proper energy that will get us through the days and Excel. Come see us at testosterone Tulsa.