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Always Remember That Food Is Fuel

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

It’s time to take control of your health and testosterone Tulsa and come to Revolution health Tulsa testosterone and find out what the correct way is to fill your body. Quit pumping your body for of medications that have more side effects than they do results. We want to get down to the main culprit of your pain or sickness and destroy it. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 918-935-3636 and we will set up an appointment with our doctors go over what you are wanting from us and how we can help you. Just be prepared to be wowed when we show you what all of the other doctors that you have been seeing couldn’t because they weren’t trying to heal you they were trying to mask your pain.

Don’t settle for going to plain old doctors that just don’t do anything for you except take money out of your wallet and give you medications for side effects. Our goal at Revolution health is that you are not on any medications and that your body is actually healing itself just as God planned it to. If you currently on medications our doctors know how and when to wean you off of them when you get to a point in the treatment where you don’t need them any longer. We won’t take all your medications away from you right away because that just isn’t safe because many of them you’re probably down for a long time.

Just to warn you we will take the time to talk about your weight in your body mass index during your appointment. We won’t be mean or make you feel bad because we all know that the average person in the United States is technically obese. That is the average. This all comes from how our country works and what our health system tells us. It’s so much easier to take a pill for high blood pressure that it is to join a gym is the main thought in America. People can use this is a Band-Aid for a short time but it is not safe and long term because you are not treating the actual problem which is your BMI or body mass index.

Will also make sure that you get plenty of exercise because our bodies were made to move in that is one of the biggest problems in the United States because the high majority of jobs place you at a desk front of the computer for eight hours straight. Then since your body hasn’t been motion for so long we actually get more tired you don’t feel like exercising after that. Have you heard of the saying a body in motion stays in motion? Well that is a very true statement and if you have a desk job you notice this a lot. We find that it’s harder for someone who’s sitting all day to get into a next size routine that it is for someone whoís been on their feet all day to get into an exercise routine because their body has been motion so it will stay in motion.

Dr. Chad Edwards believes that God is the creator of the universe that we live in and that Jesus Christ is his son and his personal savior. You will find Dr. Edwards praying with and for his patients and if you feel comfortable with that will also do the same for you. He wants nothing more than for each one of his patients to experience optimal health. He knows that this can happen by allowing our bodies that were created by God to heal themselves the way that they are supposed to. Come see us at testosterone Tulsa evolution health.

We Use Nutrition As Medicine

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

Let’s take a new look at how to offer healthcare in the United States of America. Right now our healthcare system is all about the pharmaceutical companies making money and people never being healed but rather just popping pills to cover up the aches and pains and even diseases that they may have. There is no goal of actually being healed and whole again but rather just a way to prolong your life with pain medicines. Here’s the difference when you come in to see us at testosterone Tulsa our main goal is to heal you from what ails you whether that’s arthritis or lupus, matter what it is we are going to take down the main problem and do everything we can to make it go away. You can set up an appointment by calling 918-935-3636 at any time.

We focus on a couple different areas that are usually the main culprit of anything that ails you. Those to be areas are pain management, smoking, nutrition, exercise and also your weight. The one thing that we to make sure that isn’t in your life are the act of smoking. That includes anything from cigarettes to pipes to cigars because all those things are completely ruining your body and taking away any chance you have of living filled life. Smoking is such major contributor to so many different health problems in the world today. Just by stopping smoking you can help your body back towards the direction of health. We know that stopping smoking can be extremely difficult especially for some people and we will help in any way we can to get you to kick the habit.

We will spend so much time figuring out the best way to get the correct nutrition into your body that you desperately need. You must understand that even by just changing your diet and what you eat can affect your problems that you are facing greatly. Nutrition is such an important building block to optimum health because nutrition is the fuel that gets our body going and keeps us going throughout the day. If we lack nutrition then every part of her body is lacking in energy. When you change your nutrition you will notice a huge change in your life.

We focus on pain management but not in the way that you might think of. A normal doctor’s office will send you to a specialist in pain management and they will load you up with his many pills as they possibly can without having them interact much. This means you will spend the rest of your days taking these pills and paying for them month after month after month. Nothing has been done to solve the problem but only mask the pain. This seems so foolish to us because it is so easy to discover the problem and where it’s coming from that you can focus on that and after diminishing the actual problem your symptoms will go away. If you’re looking to get a lot of hard-core pain meds for months we probably aren’t the right place for you.

We do give out medication and you medication refills but we will do everything we can to wean you off of the medications when it is safe. Just make sure that you give us enough time to fill the prescriptions that you need to have them when you need them. Our goal is to have you off all medication over time. We believe that God created our bodies to kill themselves and that’s what we will do. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at testosterone Tulsa.