Helping To Improve The Health Of All Americans

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Helping To Improve The Health Of All Americans

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

All of us at Revolution health and Wellness Clinic in  Tulsa are so proud of what our company has become over time we’ve been in Tulsa Revolution Health and Wellness is a clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was first started by Dr. Chad P. Edwards, DO. Dr. Edwards practices holistic, functional, alternative medicine in Tulsa. Dr Edwards believes that nutrition is one of the most important factors when it comes to our health, and inadequate nutrition is one of the most common reasons for poor health and disease. Unfortunately, most of Americans are not healthy due to our culture. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Edwards today at 918-935-3636 and he will help get you on the path to better health.

Even though most problems with foods and medicines in the United States are hidden by the special interest groups so that we as consumers don’t know about them the one thing that has got a lot of interest is gluten. Over the years we have learned how gluten increases the overall inflammation in the body, and is also the cause of most of the autoimmune conditions, such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid disorders, and so many more. Many of our patients are shocked to learn that many of these conditions can be treated and cured with nutrition and alternative medicine in Tulsa alone. For conditions that can’t be completely treated with nutrition, we can, at the least, accomplish a lowering in the dose of medications that are being used to currently treat the condition. Lower doses will help to decrease the unwanted side effects of medications. No matter what, improving your nutrition is always a win win situation.

To achieve the best nutrition, we help our patients to establish their goals and then continually work towards achieving them. You will also need to eat natural foods whenever possible, and ideally try to get as much of this food locally as possible, for example, at local farmer’s markets. It’s also important to eat as much variety as possible, which will guarantee an adequate intake of nutrients. We also recommend eliminating gluten altogether, and trying to completely eliminate grains as much as possible. Following these guidelines will get you started on the path to achieving optimal health through proper nutrition.

Doctor Edwards is not shy to profess that he is a Christian and completely accepts God’s Son, Jesus Christ, as his personal Lord and Savior. Dr. Edwards will pray directly with any patient who asked him to and he will always pray on his own for each and every client to reach optimal health. He never wants to make you feel uncomfortable by his faith, but he does pray that all of his patients will also come to know Jesus if they have yet to know Him. Dr. Edwards firmly believes that God called him into this profession in order to help others find relief from chronic pain and debilitating disease and to live happier lives. He does his best to help his patients achieve optimal health.

The list of diseases that can be caused by poor nutrition, including horrible things such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, hyperlipidemia, digestive problems, stomach pains, osteoporosis, obesity, Thyroid problems, fatigue, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and many more. Patients need to understand that proper nutrition is about so much more than portion control or eating the right amount of food. It is about eating the right KINDS of foods. When we are eating the right kinds of food, then the quantity becomes much less important. Eating to optimize your health means you need to start thinking about your food as fuel for your body. This is the opposite of the typical “American way” of using food for social gatherings, holidays, comfort, rewards, etc. Come take the time to come check out testosterone Tulsa.

Everyone Is Different And We Will Treat You That Way

The following Content Was Written on behalf of Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic

You might not believe it but the fact is that 100 million Americans suffer from pain. It is amazing to think that all of this pain, costs the US an amazing $600,000,000,000 annually. A very sad fact is that 100 people in the United States die every day from some form of drug overdose, and 60% of those are from prescription drugs. You can see just them watching the news all the celebrities that have passed away from drug overdoses and most of those are from prescriptions. This country is in a prescription drug epidemic and the problem is not getting any better. Call Dr. Chad P. Edwards, DO at Revolution Health and Wellness at 918-935-3636 today, and he’ll tell you how you can get freedom from your pain without the use of prescription drugs.

You ultimately have two choices if you want to take care of your pain issues. The first choice you can make is to pursue pain management. This typically means that you use traditional Western medical care and means that you will be prescribed medications and may possibly even have surgery recommended to you. We will have to examine you but this path may be your only option at the point that you are currently at, or you may still be searching for options. Either way, it is imperative to understand that narcotic pain medications often come with a slew of problems, such as dependence, addiction, overdose, abuse, decreased effects due to side effects, and tolerance. We are not saying that prescription medications are always a bad idea; there are definitely some instances when this type of therapy is the best choice.

You will see that Revolution health and Testosterone Tulsa is so different than any other place because we provide our patients with a natural and holistic way to approach their chronic pain. Is very humbling to us when we have so many patients that come to see us that have tried everything to relieve their pain with minimal or no results, especially lasting relief. Unfortunately these people also typically have to deal with all of the adverse side effects that come with many pain medications. Our goal is to find the source of their pain and then to eliminate the pain from the source whenever possible. We strive to provide our patients with the most successful interventions that come with the lowest risk and at the lowest cost to them.

We don’t sit in front of you at a doctor’s office and start writing prescriptions for multiple medications to try and relieve your pain. We provide a solution for pain called Prolotherapy. This is a type of healing which is a system that stimulates the body to heal itself, instead of just masking the problem like prescription medications do. You’ll be amazed that prolotherapy can alleviate your Tulsa low back pain and improve your function and quality of life. It comes at an extremely low risk to the patient and is also very cost effective. Prolotherapy has been around for nearly 100 years and can help heal the structures in the body that are causing your pain. Call us today at 918-935-3636 to see if Prolotherapy is right for you.

The amazing prolotherapy is a treatment for your pain and testosterone Tulsa that will help to increase your function and it will help you to get your life back. What you need to know is that prolotherapy stimulates the body’s own healing process in order to heal damaged tendons, ligaments and cartilage and to permanently eradicate the pains that this damage is causing. We are unaware of any other procedure that is capable of restoring these damaged structures. Prolotherapy is the injection of a ‘proliferant’ solution into the damaged areas. The solution is mildly irritating and stimulates the immune system to heal damage throughout the body. Prolotherapy initiates a powerful inflammatory response throughout the body, which then stimulates healing throughout the damaged areas.