Cancer, Strokes, Fatigue and Insomnia Are All Related To Your Nutrition

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Cancer, Strokes, Fatigue and Insomnia Are All Related To Your Nutrition

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

I think everybody can see that the United States is in desperate need of a health and wellness revolution. It truly is vital that we begin to move towards an approach that doesn’t recommend medications as the sole solution for any medical problem, but instead focuses on alternative medicine in Tulsa. Dr. Chad P. Edwards, DO, wants you to understand the importance of his revolutionary approach to medicine. With this approach, we focus on weight, quitting smoking, nutrition, exercise, and pain management. Call Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness today and he will help you get started on your way to optimum health. Make sure you give us a call today at 918-935-3636 and get in as soon as you can.

We really are here to help you with testosterone Tulsa. At Revolution Health, we are committed to helping you achieve and maintain optimal health. Part of this process is ensuring that you have an ideal Body Mass Index (BMI), or weight. We will never get down on you or make you feel bad about yourself when it comes to your weight or BMI. However, we will most likely bring up your BMI on every visit. That’s how important it is. Being overweight or obese is a huge contributing factor to those suffering from joint pain.

If we can bestow any advice on you today it would be if we could find a way to hit on a very important health issue that we help our patients with is quitting smoking. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes is the absolute worst thing that a person can do to themselves and others around them. Smoking is a huge contributor to a variety of health problems, and stopping smoking is the absolute best choice that you can make for your health. We know that smoking can be one of the hardest habits to quit, so we will help you in any way that we can to help you stop. If you are a smoker, quitting will be the first step to achieving better health.

Revolution health and testosterone Tulsa puts a huge focus into pain management. If you have acute or chronic pain, including Tulsa low back pain, then we will locate the cause of your pain and come up with a treatment plan. It is a rare occasion that we can’t identify a treatable cause of your pain. It is just as rare that we will prescribe any sort of controlled substances to our patients on a regular basis. If you are looking to receive narcotics or other controlled substances for your pain, then we may not be the right clinic for you. If narcotics are part of your treatment plan, we make sure to have strict policies that will include re-assessing your pain and your need for continuing on narcotics.

We have a huge focus for optimal health is improving your nutrition and getting more exercise. We believe that proper nutrition is essential for achieving optimal health. Getting the proper nutrition can dramatically improve your health, so we place a large focus on helping you improve your nutrition. Getting exercise on a regular basis is probably the single most important thing that someone can do to improve their health. Everyone should be doing some sort of exercise on most days of the week. Your exercise program should contain both resistance training and cardiovascular exercise.

So Many Problems Can Be Attributed To Your Nutrition

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

If you are always feeling tired and really fatigued and you can’t figure out why? Or do you suffer from severe chronic pain? Does it give frustrating that you haven’t found a doctor that has been able to help? Have you looked all over and tried countless remedies and traditional doctors with no help or answers? Do you feel like you are taking so many prescription drugs that you are having more side effects each and every day? When you are reading these questions if this sounds like you, than you should call Revolution Health and Wellness at 918-935-3636 and hear about how Dr. Chad P. Edwards, DO can help you on the path to better health today.

Our amazing Dr. Chad Edwards has worked as an emergency room physician in several hospitals in Tennessee and Kentucky. Chad is board certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. When Dr. Edwards got out of the Army, he decided to take his family and he moved back to Tulsa and he worked at Warren Clinic for one year. He began to recognize the need for a genuine functional medicine clinic offering alternative medicine in Tulsa, so he started the Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic. Dr. Edwards focuses on sports medicine and health and wellness as a preventative way to optimize health minimize the risk for injury, and decrease disease.

Revolution Health spends a great deal of time and evaluates each patient using a holistic approach. All of us at Revolution health always take a natural approach to medicine whenever possible. Western medicine is focused mostly on “sick care” instead of health care. We are not trying to mask any sickness by covering up the symptoms. It is focused on illness and disease, rather than prevention. We know that all medications have side effects, many of them adverse that go along with their intended effects. At Revolution Health, it has been our experience that we can get just as good, if not better, results using natural substances, herbs, supplements, and food than these modern medications.

Where Revolution health is different is that Dr. Edwards is able to prescribe natural remedies as well as medications for testosterone Tulsa if they are needed. When patients come to us that are extremely sick, our first goal is to stop the progression of their disease. Unlike Western medicine, we then focus on eradicating testosterone Tulsa it and not just covering up the symptoms with harsh unnatural medications. It is our goal to get our patients as healthy as possible. We have never seen anybody get healthier by being on MORE medications, those medications just keep their disease from getting worse. There is a big difference there.

Here at Revolution Health and Wellness, we truly have the ability and flexibility to prescribe our patients medications as needed in order to optimize their physiology so that we can then improve their health. Choosing to go the medication route is not our first choice but we are open to it until it is no longer needed. Then, once your health improves, you will no longer need the medications and we can eliminate them. So many people think that they will need to be on several medications for the rest of our lives, and that just simply isn’t true. Like we said, we’ve never seen anyone get healthier by taking MORE medications for conditions. People love the flexibility to be able to prescribe medications and then use a natural approach to achieve total wellness allows us to provide the best of both worlds to our patients.