A Change In Nutrition May Mean A Change In Lifestyle

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

A Change In Nutrition May Mean A Change In Lifestyle

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

You’ll find a lot of people that agree with the statement that the United States is in desperate need of a revolution when it comes to the way we approach the subject of health and wellness. The priorities in which Americans place a value in truth is very turnaround. We need to move towards a more holistic approach using alternative medicine in Tulsa, that does not solely recommend medication as the only therapy for medical problems. As one of Dr. Chad P. Edwards, DO’s patients, we want you to understand the importance of our revolutionary approach to medicine. Doctor Edwards believes that God has called on him to be in this profession so that he can help others dramatically change their lives through natural methods. Call Revolution Health and Wellness at 918-935-3636 and we’ll tell you about how we can help you today.

We at testosterone Tulsa and Revolution health put a MAJOR focus on nutrition and exercise. Proper nutrition is without a doubt essential for optimal health. Everyone needs to understand that having proper nutrition can dramatically improve your health, and we will help you come up with a plan to improve your nutrition. Aside from quitting smoking, exercising on a regular basis is probably the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health. Everyone should be performing some type of exercise on most days of the week. It’s important that your exercise plan includes both resistance/strength training and cardiovascular/aerobic exercise. Regular exercise makes a huge difference in our patients that suffer from chronic pain.

We are very passionate at Revolution Health and Wellness about helping our patients with natural pain management. If you have acute or chronic pain, we will discover the cause and come up with a treatment plan using alternative medicine in Tulsa. It is rare that we cannot identify a treatable cause of your pain. It is also rare that we will prescribe controlled substances on a regular basis, so if you are looking for narcotics, then we may not be the clinic for you. If you have been suffering with chronic pain, then we will be happy to discuss the benefits of prolotherapy with you.

There is a major problem in America with obesity. Insane that one of the things that we focus on in our approach is your getting you to your proper weight. Part of getting you to your best physical health is by getting you to your ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). We always approach this subject with great sensitivity, and we will never make you feel bad about yourself. However, we will almost certainly address your BMI at every one of your visits. It is THAT important in getting you healthy!

If we at Revolution health, testosterone Tulsa are able to bestow anything upon you that you take from us it is that you need to quit smoking if you currently do so. Another major issue that we focus on is quitting smoking. Smoking cigars, pipes or cigarettes is the single worst thing that anyone can do to themselves and to those around them. Smoking is a huge contributor to a vast number of health problems, so stopping smoking is the absolute best thing that you can do for your health. At Revolution Health and Wellness, we know that quitting smoking can be difficult to say the least, so we are here to help in any way that we can. If you are a smoker, quitting will be the first and most important step to revolutionizing your health.

Get Plenty Of Fruits, Vegetables and Meats

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

We are very proud that Dr. Chad P. Edwards, D.O., has been helping patients find relief from their testosterone Tulsa for years. Dr. Chad Edwards holds B.S. in Exercise Science and Sport Medicine from Oklahoma Baptist University and attended medical school at Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences. Dr. Edwards completed his residency at Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, NC and is also board certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Edwards worked as an emergency physician in several hospitals in TN and KY. Upon leaving the army, he moved his back to Tulsa and worked at Warren Clinic for one year. He quickly realized the great need for a functional medicine clinic in Tulsa, so he started Revolution Health and Wellness. Call us today at 918-935-3636 and let us tell you how we can help you to achieve optimum health today.

One area that Dr. Edwards focuses on is sports medicine, as well as on health and wellness as a preventative strategy to improve your health, reduces the risk of injury, and decrease disease. Something we are very passionate about is that we believe that it is better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to health. Dr. Edwards takes a holistic approach with his patients. He thrives on being able to help people find better health when nothing else has been able to help, including people who really suffer with testosterone Tulsa. If there was only one thing that Revolution Health and Wellness could do to improve the health of Americans, it would to help people live a proper lifestyle.

What do we mean by proper lifestyle? A proper lifestyle includes nutrition, exercise, body composition, quitting smoking, reducing stress, and nutrition supplementation as needed. When religion health begins to work with you we address each of these components to a healthy lifestyle, we ensure the best health possible for each of our patients and the prevention of numerous severe medical problems, including Tulsa low back pain. At Revolution Health and Wellness, we use a solution called prolotherapy. Prolotherapy stimulates the body to heal itself. Continue reading to find out more.

Something interesting is that most musculoskeletal pains are due to ligament and/or tendon relaxation. The reason that this happens when there is damage to these areas that results in instability. When we use Prolotherapy, Dr. Edwards injects a “proliferant” solution into these damaged areas, which in turn stimulates an inflammatory response. This response is the first step in healing damaged areas. Prolotherapy initiates a powerful inflammatory response by stimulating the healing cascade. In other words, Prolotherapy stimulates the body to heal itself.

We believe that God gave somebody that is able to heal itself and that our body heals itself through a complex inflammatory process that consists of three phases. The first is inflammatory, which occurs within the first 36 hours following an injury. The second phase is proliferative, which takes approximately 36 hours to 6 weeks. And the third phase is called remodeling, which takes 6 weeks to 18 months on average. Most patients will need 3 to 6 procedures scheduled about 3 to 4 weeks apart. Call Revolution Health and Wellness, and Dr. Edwards will get started on helping you to relieve your Tulsa low back pain today.