Step into a whole new level of treatment, athletic ability and optimizing your health in Tulsa

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Step into a whole new level of treatment, athletic ability and optimizing your health in Tulsa

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Revolution Health specializes in prolotherapy for people and athletes who are suffering from chronic pain. We provided service and professionalism to patients for years. We provide the best nonsurgical alternatives and Revolution Health can help you optimize your health today. We believe in providing natural substances so that your body moves and truly has a limited health. We don’t rely on medication keep us healthy or medication to cover up the real problem. Dr. Edwards graduated from both Oklahoma State University Medical School and Oklahoma Baptist University were here and degree sports medicine. Being athlete himself he understands how painful it is to not be able to play the game that you love. Don’t worry we’re here to change all that.

Step into a whole new level of treatment. Our treatment is prolotherapy and it involves Tulsa knee pain treatment, shoulder displayed in treatment and any other chronic pain that you may be experiencing as an athlete. Prolotherapy is simply injection of the solution that stimulates the body to heal itself. It causes the systems of your body to laser focus in on one particular area, the injured one, and begin repairing it. Prolotherapy is completely safe and brings amazing results for those participating in its benefits. Dr. Edwards can supply with all the information you need all you have to do is call.

Step of your off like ability. Not only are we here to make sure that you receive the best salsa need pain treatment and other chronic pain treatment in the city but were here to teach you how to truly optimize your health. Dr. Edwards has a dream, a dream of a revolution for the human body no longer relies on medication to keep it going. A dream where retired all the human body systems together and have them work in perfect harmony. A dream where we determine the dysfunction and correct it while creating true unlimited health. As an athlete we make you stronger, faster and knowledgeable of what exactly your bodies missing and what it needs to get rid of.

Were optimizing your health. Were making you better and making you aware of the nutrition value, proper exercise and the amount arresting your body is requiring. We not only treat you one time for your injury or if you’re sick. But we evaluate your body as a whole and make sure all the systems tied together as they should be. We provide you with natural supplements that are put by the FDA and have little or no side effects compared to modern medication. Don’t rely medication anymore to get you through the day or to get you through the pain. Find out exactly what you need to do to start training your body right and optimizing your health to great Heights.

Receive the best possible treatment from Dr. Edwards and interact with a top-quality customer service staff. The matter. Athlete, a mom, a dad or a grandpa we will provide you the knowledge and the information taker health
two. Information can be shown on our website and we encourage you to watch her videos, reader interviews and find out about Dr. Chad Edwards. We want you to be absolute confidence that this is the number one place to receive Tulsa knee pain treatment and the number one place to find out exactly what your body needs to be truly healthy. Given the call today at 918 – 935 – 3636 or simply visit us online at

Visit us online at or call 918 – 935 – 3636

Serving the athletes and the people of Tulsa the best nonsurgical Tulsa knee pain treatment in Oklahoma

This content was uploaded by Revolution Health and Wellness

Your health is important to us at Revolution Health. We are here to serve you, your interest and provide you with the best possible treatments that we have available. We specialize in non-surgical alternative treatments for chronic pain, natural supplements and providing you with the right information to truly optimize your health. We serve athletes and the people of Tulsa 100%. Dr. Edwards is a dedicated and committed physician who has a degree in sports medicine and graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University. He also is a former US Army medic specialists and was a surgeon for special operations helping US soldiers and NATO military personnel in northern Iraq. Dr. Edwards is here to help and push you to the limits of obtaining the ultimate health.

What is it that we provide for athletes and the people of Tulsa? For one we specialize in prolotherapy to bring resolve and restoration to people suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that is lasted a very long time. We have treated people for chronic pain who have had it for over two decades. The process includes Tulsa knee pain treatment, shoulder pain treatment, back pain treatment and other chronic pain. We have provided results and were stored injured areas for athletes as well. In fact Dr. Edwards has a degree from Oklahoma Baptist University for sports and exercise medicine.

Prolotherapy is a simple treatment is simply involves a solution injection. These injections are typically filled with nutrients and chemicals depending on the client which then irritate the area which it is injected into. This causes the body to go in full force and stimulate the systems to heal themselves. Prolonged allows these healing mechanisms to focus solely on the injured area and prepare quickly. For instant if you’re looking for Tulsa knee pain treatment, prolotherapy specifically focuses on your needs and causes the body to directly focus on repairing the injured areas. Simple, safe, affordable and most importantly it gets results.

We don’t only specialize in Tulsa knee pain treatment. We also believe in providing ways for people to be healthy, strong and 100% dedicated to optimizing their health in a natural and productive way. Medication is not a cure. We understand that in some extreme circumstances recommend medication is required. But the goal of Dr. Edwards and the staff at Revolution Health is to completely revolutionize your mind and eliminate medication altogether. We walk you through the value of nutrition and what true nutritionists. The also go over proper exercise and the restoration that must come after exercise. These components must work together in order for you to achieve the ultimate health Tulsa Oklahoma.

We understand that we couldn’t fit all the information in this article. This is why Dr. Edwards encourages you to visit our website and read more about the information on her homepage. Learn about Dr. Edwards. Find out why he so passionate about what he does and providing these opportunities not only for athletes but for anyone. Learn more about prolotherapy and our Tulsa knee pain treatments. Find a how you can do back in the game that you love and bring restoration to that chronic pain that is been bringing you down for 30 years. More information is available on her website or you can give us a call 918 – 935 – 3636.

Visit us online at or give us a call at 918 – 935 – 3636